5 Private Roku TV Channels That Rock

5 Private Roku TV Channels That Rock

Private Roku Channels or Non-Certifed channels as Roku now likes to call it, makes Roku one of the most popular media streamers currently available.

What are Non-Certified or Roku Private Channels?

These are channels that anyone can build using Roku's free developer tools. Unlike Google or Apple, which charge their content developers for the privilege of adding channels or apps to their platform, becoming a Roku channel developer is free.

You can build a Roku channel either from scratch or by using the simple Instant TV Channel for Roku web based software. Learn a lot more about Roku channels in this free, "How To Build a Private Roku Channel Guide."

Once your Roku channel is finished, you can either upload it to Roku as a non-certified, private channel or submit it to Roku for approval to be included in their Public Roku Channel Store.

Even though a Roku channel is private, you can still share the code or add channel links. If it is non-certified the  won't be listed in Roku's public store until Roku approves it. Private channels sometimes contain full movies and TV shows from non legal sources or Roku Porn Channels and these are not allowed to be listed as public channels.

Five Popular Roku Private Channels


This private Roku channel has been around for a long time. It was designed to give those in the military or those living overseas access to TV channels from home. Once you create an account you can watch from anywhere.

USTVNow has a nice selection of channels that are both free Network stations like CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. These channel are broadcast in the Eastern Timezone from Pennsylvania.

You can watch these live channels in HD free for 45 days when you create an account. After the free trial is over, the channels will revert to SD but you get to keep watching for free.

They also sell popular cable TV channel bundles whic also includes a cloud based DVR.

Signing up for USTVNow can be a little tricky so we created a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Add USTVNow Roku Channel

AdultEmpire Unlimited

AdultEmpire Unlimited Roku Channel
AdultEmpire Unlimited Most Popular Roku Adult Channel

They have been around for years and before Roku they were known as AdultDVD. They have hands down one of the most updated, and largest private Roku porn channel by far.

They have a tons of newer Adult content and have added quite a few more Adult Roku channels under their umbrella.

You can view the full list of their Adult Roku channels on their AdultEmpire Roku Channels List.

You can preview their channel FREE for a limited time.

Add AdultEmpire Roku Channel


This channel links to free movies, TV shiws  both live and on-demand and is 100% Free. Although the developer will gladly accept donations.

It is incredible the amount of free content that can be watched on XTV.  Unlike paid streaming channels, content can be a little hit and miss sometimes. Especially the live TV channels.

For what it is, and how much it costs ($0.00) XTV continues to be one of the most popular Roku private channels.

Add XTV Roku Channel

Update My Channels

If you are constantly adding and trying out new Roku channels, then you know what a pain it is to have to constantly go into Settings/System Check for Updates on your Roku. After your Roku is done updating, only then can you access your newly installed channels at the end of your channels list.

Update My Channels makes it easier. Once you have this channel installed, just open the channel and your Roku automatically checks for updates and installs any newly added channels.

Add UpdateMyChannels

channel PEAR

You can use this channel to watch live m3u streams of Live TV channels from the Internet. You can use it free and add up to 5 sources and use it on two devices. If you want to add more channels or use it with more devices there is a small fee.

Each channel links to a stream that is on the Internet and there are quite a few channels to choose from but not all are reliable. Some come and go and while this channel is fun to play around with it is not a replacement for a paid streaming TV service.

Add channel PEAR

Where To Find More Private Roku Channels

We love private Roku channels and assembled several lists of channels to share.

 - Visit our mkvXstream Roku Channels List

 - Check out Our Roku Channels Guide

 - Don't Miss Our A-Z Roku Private Channels Codes List

Coming Soon...

We asked the Roku Rocks Facebook group members which channels they use all the time. When setting up a Roku for the first time or if you need to do a hard reset on your Roku TV or media streamer, all your channels are gone. Then looking for and adding them back again is very time consuming.

We are working hard on another handy resource with the most used and super popular Roku TV Channels you can install from one place. We will add it here and on our FB page as soon as it's done.

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