BEST Live TV Streaming Services Compared

BEST Live TV Streaming Services Compared

It seems like streaming TV services have been popping up like mushrooms lately. Here are some of the best and most popular legal Live streaming TV services you can subscribe to right now. 

Most all offer free trials so you can try before you buy to see which one works the best for your needs.

YouTube TV 

best live streaming TV services

On some channels YouTube TV has better video quality than some of the others. It also comes with an unlimited DVR. 

Most of your locals are included if you live in an area that is covered. YouTube recently raised their price but only after they added a bunch more new channels.

Price is $40/month.  Click here to Try a Free TRIAL

DirecTV Now

DirectTV Now has pretty much all the channels you need.  As of yet, they still have not added a DVR to their service but it's said to be coming Spring of 2018.

Some subscribers have reported bad buffering on Roku with DirecTV Now yet absolutely no buffering with other media streamers like the Nvidia SHIELD, Apple TV or Fire TV

A few Roku users also reported they have had no issues recently which leads us to believe either this is caused by region, distance to the router on WiFi, or some Roku media streamers like earlier Streaming TV Sticks might be the cause.

Price is $35/month.  Click here to Try a Free TRIAL


Philo TV is a newer streaming TV service that works extremely well on Roku with no buffering. This service offers a much lower price because they do not carry any sports,  or major news channels like Fox News or CNN. They also do not offer local TV channels like some of the others.

Philo does come with an unlimited DVR but they could use a better (EPG) Electronic Programming Guide. For just watching and streaming popular channels, this Live TV service is a very good deal.

Price $16/month for 37 Channels or $20 for 46 Channels.  Click here to Try a Free TRIAL

fubo TV

If you love Sports, fuboTV just might be the perfect live streaming TV service you want. That is because they are home to just about the largest collection of sports channels from all around the world.

Not only do they have sports, fubo has been busy adding tons of local affiliates and a nice collection of mainstream cable TV networks.

Get a Special Promotional Introductory Offer. Click Here to Learn More and TRY a Free Trial

Tablet Stream 

This streaming TV service will give subscribers a very nice selection of live channels. They also offer a DVR to record your shows. The live streams are all pretty nice with virtually no buffering.

TabletStream is only accepting members to beta test their live streaming TV service and if you want give it a try you will need to send them an email.

Price is $9/month.  Click Here to Apply

Sling TV

A Live streaming TV company offered by Dish Network. They just offered 37 of their channels in full 60 FPS. This gives you more fluid streaming which is especially nice when watching sports or fast action movies. You can see the difference between different Frames Per Second (FPS)  in the video below.

They offer several plans an they offer a nice amount of channels including several popular sports channels.

Price starts at $35/month.  Click here to Try a Free TRIAL

TikiLive TV 

For a live streaming TV service that looks very much like cable, is easy to navigate and offer a great overall TV experience you will want to check out TikuLive.

They offer several plans though their premium plan has 77 TV channels and 25 music channels. Get their HD Roku channel here.

Price is $30/month.  Click here learn more

Euro TV Club

If you love international channels Euro TV Club is a nice streaming TV service for you. They offer 300 channels from the UK, and many other European countries on Roku.

Click here learn more

In Closing

While there may be more, these are currently some of most popular and best Live streaming TV services available which can be watched on a wide range of popular media streaming devices, tablets, phones or from a PC.

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