Streamza Secure Cloud Based BitTorrent Roku Channel

Streamza Secure Cloud Based BitTorrent Roku Channel

Fast Secure and Safe File Sharing!

Streamza is a cloud based streaming service for torrent files. It will fetch any internet torrent, store it it in a remote safe protected environment and let you share with friends or stream it directly to Roku, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

Roku Channel Code: streamzanew

Once the Channel is loaded up on your Roku, it will ask for an authentication code. Visit Streamza and create your free account. Then click "settings" on their website and enter the code to link your Roku.

Platforms Supported by Streamza

In addition to Roku, Streamza supports the following platforms:

iPhone - 4, 4s, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and X running iOs 6 or later.
iPad - (Version 2 or Later) running iOS 6 or later.
AppleTV - with AirPlay and another iPad or iPhone.
Desktop or Notebook Computer - Supported Browsers are Safari or Chrome, Firefox with Flash Plugin.
Android Devices - Coming Soon...

Why Streamza may be the Ultimate BitTorrent Client

Easy to Use - Streamza is so easy to use your parents can use it. By including a built in search engine there is no need to browse torrent sites looking for files.

Incredibly fast - Since the files are downloaded to their server using their high speed internet connection sometimes as fast as 50 Mb/s, the days of waiting all night to download a torrent file are over.

Safe and Secure - Streamza offers commercial grade levels of encryption using the HTTPS protocol. This means all files are transferred through encrypted channels. They claim it is as secure as a VPN service and they do not share data with 3rd parties. The only people who can see your content are those you choose to share with. No one else can see what you download, share or watch.

Saves you Money - No wear or tear on your computer or high electricity costs from downloading mega torrent files.

Sharing - Sharing torrent files with friends offers them instant access with no downloading or encoding required to your torrent files.

Streamza Free and Paid Plans

Streamza offers both a Free and Paid Plan. Free plans only include one torrent slot which can store the content of one torrent at any given time. Torrents can be deleted and reused unlimited number of times. If you want to try out Streamza, use this link to get an extra torrent slot free. If you need more torrent slots, their paid service is $4.99 a month (PayPal or BitCoin) and this gives you an additional 5 torrent slots.

Is Streamza Legal?

The developer claims that Streamza "Operates within Safe harbor regulations specified by Digital Millennium Copyright Act and EU Data Protection Directive" Users can not share files with the public and it is up to individuals to ensure the content they share is legal. They do not scan user accounts, although if they get an abuse report they must act on it remove the offending file.

Where to Find Additional Torrents to Download

Since Streamza supports any internet torrents, these can be found from multiple online torrent search engines. Here are the Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for 2017 or The Nine Best Torrent Sites for Australians

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