SugarInstant FREE Trial Here's How to Watch on Roku

SugarInstant FREE Trial to Watch on Roku

Here is How To Get Your 5/day SugarInstant FREE Trial

SugarInstant Free Trial

SugarInstant is a very popular adult streaming channel that offers thousands of full length commercial free adult X-rated movies and scenes that can be watched on Roku. The SugarInstant Free trial is only one reason why this channel is so popular.

Why Do They Offer a Free Trial? Because they know there is so much great adult content on their adult channel, that many who try it for five days will undoubtedly want to keep it after the free trial is over.

Their channel is really super easy to use and offers a ton of categories to search for your favorite adult movie titles. Or use their channel search function to search for the hottest porn stars and all the movies they made.

Here Is What Is Included When You Join SugarInstant

  • SugarInstant offers unlimited streaming without annoying ads or any extra charges to watch full length movies. Just like Netflix, you can watch as many adult movies as you like for as long as you want with one low monthly or even less expensive annual fee.
  • In business since 2002, SugarInstant has set the trend in adult video streaming by first starting out with mail order adult DVDs. They were featured in VentureBeat, BuzzFeed, FOX and several other prominent media outlets for advances in adult HD and 4K streaming technology. And they set the bar pretty high for other adult streaming services to follow.
  • While they offer PayPerView movies online, they also Full Unlimited Streaming which gives you full access to everything in their entire library which contains thousands of adult films.
  • With apps available for Roku, Android, PS4 and Xbox their channel is organized by 130 categories.
  • Their content is also available on the go on mobile or laptop devices right from a web browser.
  • With all the hottest porn stars and new content added every day SugarInstant is hard to beat.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are several rates depending on the length of time one subscribes. Subscription rates are as low as $8.33/month if you pay for a year at a time. Otherwise, SugarInstant charges $9.99/month for all the HD and 4K adult movies you can watch. But regardless of which plan you choose, the first 5/days are Free! And your card won't be charged either if you cancel before the 5/days are over.

A Word of Caution About Adding Adult 18+ Channels to Roku

Any Roku channel you add to Roku will also be added to every other Roku player linked to the same user account. Adult channels should be added to Roku with caution. Especially if you have younger family members living at home that could accidentally stumble onto these channels.

But the Roku SugarInstant Roku channel has a safeguard in place. This can be found inside the channel under Menu/Settings/Parental Control. There you can set a PIN to keep their channel private and from being accessed until the correct PIN code is entered.

How to Watch the SugarInstant Channel on Roku

1. This channel can't be found in the public channel store. Instead it must remain as a hidden Roku private Channel per Roku's policy. To watch this channel on Roku, first sign-up for their 5/day Free Trial here and then add the SugarInstant Roku Channel here.

2. After the Roku channel has been added, perform a System Update Check from your Roku. To check for updates, go to Settings/System/Update Roku. Once the update has finished running which only takes several seconds, you can then find their channel located at the end of your Channels list. Tip: Scroll Up ^ and find newly added Roku channels a lot faster.

3. The first time you open the SugarInstant channel on Roku, a linking code will be displayed on your TV screen. Click here and then on that page click the orange button that says Register Your Roku. You may need to enter your user name and password that you you made when you signed-up for your free trial in Step 1.

4. Enter the code shown on your TV screen on their channel linking page.

5. Once entered, a few moments later the channel code link will disappear on your TV screen and all their content will then be available to watch unlimited for free for the remainder of the SugarInstant Free Trial.

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