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Here's How to Watch Live TV On Roku

These are 14 of the best channels for watching Roku Live TV!

Cord cutters you can still watch live TV on Roku once you quit your expensive paid TV provider. 

If you have access to a cable or satellite account, one of the best ways to watch many of the same channels you had on Cable TV or Satellite is to see our complete Roku Cable TV Channels Guide.

Roku Has Some Great Free Channels For Watching Live TV!

Watch Nowhere TV Roku channel

Nowhere TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: NowhereTV has been around a long time and is still one of our most watched Roku channels. This channel is filled with a lot of great content. If you are a News show fan, you will love Nowhere TV. They feature some live content like Adult Swim, plus a few other IPTV sources.

This private Roku channel is Free, although the developer would be glad to accept donations. It's constantly updated and even though it is a private channel, it as good or better than many public channels you will find on Roku.

Be sure to take a look at the Nowhere TV channel, you won't be sorry.

ADD IT HERE: Channel Code: H9DWC

Add Nowhere TV

Watch XTV Live TV Roku channel

XTV Live TV Roku Channel 

Update: XTV was Shut Down By Roku for 3rd Party Copyright Violations. Learn more...

Don't Miss These: Best Roku Channel Alternatives to XTV

XTV was probably one of the most popular private Roku channels ever made. It had a lot of the older content that many people seemed to enjoy that is in the public domain along with some live streams.

If you enjoy classic TV shows, you can still find some great alternatives...


Watch FilmOn Live TV Roku Channel

FilmOn Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: FilmOn is another channel that also has lots of great live TV content. They carry much of the BBC programming and although some of it is Geo-Blocked in the U.S.A. there is quite a lot of other content to choose from.

Here is another FilmOn Private Roku channel which includes a nice channel guide. Learn more about it and be sure to also add this one... here

FilmOn is a must add channel for those looking to watch Live TV on their Roku.

ADD IT HERE: Channel Code: NMEVA

Add FilmOn

Watch Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: While there is really quite a lot of on-demand content on Pluto TV, this channel also contains a small live TV section. These are mostly News shows from Newsmax, Sky News, MSNBC and also a few others.


Add Pluto TV

Watch EuroRoku Private IPTV Channel

EuroRoku Channel 

Why it Rocks: More than 300 Live IPTV European Channel in Full HD! EuroRoku is a paid IPTV channel that gives you access to movies, News and Sports. Try the EuroRoku channel free for 7/days!.

Click here for more details.


Add EuroRoku

Channel PEAR Live TV on Roku

channel PEAR IPTV 

Why it Rocks: Channel PEAR is another great live IPTV channel that lets you choose from a large list of community provided Live TV Channels. Much like Kodi and Plex this channel while taken down by Roku is still available as a playlist or Plex channel to give Roku owners full control on how to customize their live streaming with preferred content.

The free version only lets you choose from 5 sources and can only be used on one device. A paid account gives you unlimited sources to add and costs $3 a month. It will also work with any number of devices.

You first need to create an account on their website, choose your sources and link your Roku to your account. Visit website:

New sources can also be added from m3u links found online or from Our Custom Search Engine.

TIP: If you are having trouble linking the channel to your account, make sure you did not install it on another device or the link code won't come up.

Learn more

Watch News ON

News ON Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: If your Local News Station is a provider News On, is a great way to catch up on your local news without an Antenna.

Not all stations are affiliated. For a much more complete list of News stations... See our Local News Channels Guide!


Add News ON

Want Reliable Full Live TV Channels Without Interruptions?

If you want to watch live TV on Roku that is 100% reliable, a paid streaming TV channel is often the best way to go.

While most of the Free Roku channels mentioned above are great, content comes and goes and is not always as reliable as a paid live TV streaming service.

Sling TV and Playstation Vue offer cord cutters a lot of the same content and user experience as subscribing to cable TV or satellite package. They even cost less than a cable TV or satellite sub so they will still save you some money.

Sling TV Roku Channel

Sling TV Channel 

Why it Rocks: Full Live TV on Roku is now possible with Sling TV starts at only $20 a month for a Cable light package of channels. Additonal channel packages can also be added as well for $5 more.

See our Sling TV Full viewing guide for a list of channels and packages available.
Sling also offers a long list of many Streaming Only International Channels you can subscribe to without a Dish or expensive equipment to buy... See Sling International Channels!


Add Sling TV

Philo TV Live TV on Roku

Philo TV 

Why it Rocks: Philo is like Sling or Vue minus the sports. You only get great channels for watching TV shows and are not stuck with a large monthly bill.

You can sign-up for 7/days free by giving them a cell phone number. They will contact you after a few days for a credit card number. This service works extremely well, picture quality is top notch and they even include a full cloud DVR to time shift your live TV shows.

To see the full list of channels offered on Philo TV: click here

Get Philo TV

Sling Live TV on Roku Channel

PlayStation Vue 

Why it Rocks: At $29 a month Playstation Vue does cost more than Sling TV and does not offer as many channel packages. You can choose from three channel tiers and each one increases the price.

Playstation Vue does offer a better streaming user experience and also comes with a DVR which is very nice for pausing, fast forwarding through commercials and time-shifting live TV programs.

See our Playstation Vue channel guide for a list of channels and packages available.

ADD IT HERE: Compare PlayStation Vue to Sling TV

Add Playstation Vue

USTV Now Roku Channel

USTVNow Live TV 

Why it Rocks: You can install a free trial to this channel on your Roku and watch Free Live TV channels for 45 days. It will give you a good idea of what live streaming TV from their channel is like before you sign up. It was designed to be used for service members overseas but it works great inside the U.S.A provided you follow our instructions when signing up.

See our USTV Now Channels Guide for a list of channels and packages available.
Remember - The USTVNow channel requires a few extra steps to install correctly... See How to Install USTVNow!



Roku Live TV Subscription Sports Channels

Sports can now be watched live and on-demand on Roku with these stand alone Roku channels. They all require a monthly fee but can replace some of the Sports content you may really be missing. Here is a long list of Free Sports Channels you can also add to your Roku.

Watch NFL Now on Roku

NFL Now Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: NFL Fans now you can catchup and watch your favorite teams with the NFL Now Roku channel.

Get the latest scores, view game highlights or watch selcted games live. All viewers can watch their full live stream video feed.


Add NFL Now

Watch ESPN on Roku

ESPN Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: Get access to many Live Sports with the ESPN Roku channel. Now for the bad news, you will need a cable provider or need to subscribe to Sling TV to access this channel on Roku. Also, be sure to try XTV or Channel Pear and you may be able to find some Live streams if you absolutly don't want to subscribe to Sling TV just to watch ESPN.



Watch Fubo TV on Roku

Fubo TV Sports IPTV Roku Channel 

Why it Rocks: Sports Fans Fubo TV is the Roku channel for you. Subscribe to one of their many packages and watch your favorite teams and leagues play from all over the world.

Not all leagues are available click here for more details.


Add Fubo TV

Watch MLB, NBA and NHL TV on Roku


Why it Rocks: MLB, NBA and NHL are all channels that can be added to watch live sports on Roku. Blackout Rules Apply. Click here for an easy way to get around these rules to watch local games.

Premium Roku Sports streaming channels must all be subscribed to separately and this can really get quite expensive. Check out these money saving tips to stream NBA TNT Overtime.

ADD Them All Here:

Add MLB   Add NBA TV   Add NHL

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