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Here is where you can find the best porn on Roku, Android, PS4, XBOX and Apple TV. Every hidden Roku porn channel worth watching is on the list! Including Adult Channels that offer Free Trials, Free Previews and some are even completely FREE for a limited time!

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Add Roku Porn Channels

How to Add Adult Roku Channels!

Here is How to Watch Porn on Roku

Roku adult channels are private channels that feature full XXX movies with popular adult genres like Lesbian, MILF, Asian, Ebony and much more you can watch right on your Roku. These are channels that are not allowed to be published in the public channel store. Adult channels are still popular on Roku and they can be added from private links on adult channel lists we provide. Once a private channel is added, it will Only show up after you update your Roku. To do this, go to Settings/Systems and then Check for Updates. Once the update has completed, your new Roku Porn channels can be found at the end of your channels list on your Roku media player.

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Roku Porn Adult Channels Top Three

What You Should Know BEFORE Adding Roku Porn Channels:

WARNING: When adding Roku porn channels, they can be watched on EACH Roku player that uses your same account and login. 
For example, if you had a Roku in your bedroom and one in your living room and you added a few adult Roku channels to the Roku in your bedroom. These channels will now be visible to everyone on all your Roku devices if you use the same account login and password for both.

To prevent this, you could simply setup a different account on another Roku player for your adult Roku channels you don't want your kids to see. 
Many adult channels like AdultEmpire Unlimited, SugarInstant and several other Adult Roku channels have parental controls built right into their channel. This requires a special pin you setup to access their channels. If they don't, by using multiple Roku accounts it is another good safeguard to keep your Adult Roku channels visible to Adults eyes only.

How to Remove Adult Roku Channels »

Here are more ways to lock down your home Internet and keep it family safe with parental controls.

Roku Is The Best Media Streamer For Watching Adult TV

                                ROKU PORN FACT or FICTION

FACT - Roku is one of the most popular streamers worldwide. Currently they command a respectable 37% of the media streamer market followed by Apple TV at 27%, Google at 18%, Amazon at 18% and all others combined at 5%.
FACT - Porn channels can't be found or added from the Roku channel store. They can only be added if you have a special link or code and you know where to find them.
FACT - Even though there are many porn sites online. Much like Netflix, the best quality adult movie streaming sites can only only be accessed with a subscription. Adult streaming services have huge libraries of top notch, unlimited XXX movies. Most are in HD and now some are even streaming in 4K as well. These adult streaming channels can all be watched on your Roku.
FACT - mkvXstream can show you how to find, add and watch the best Adult Roku channels for your Roku.
FICTION - Think Adult Channels can only be watched on Roku? Nope, it's not true. In fact, Apple TV users can also watch Porn channels on their Apple TV. Owners of the Sony Playstation can also watch Adult channels on a PS4
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