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Jellyfin Lets You Stream Your Media on Roku

The Free Software Media System

Jellyfin vs Plex

About Jellyfin

Jellyfin is a volunteer-built media solution that lets its users control their media. And it's a great alternative to Plex. You can use Jellyfin to Stream to any device from your own server, or NAS. Along with their free software and corresponding Roku channel you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on Roku.

Unlike Plex with Jellyfin, you can download and stream your video files free. Plex also allows this but you must purchase Plex Pass, which is an additional monthly or lifetime fee.

Often one can find content online that may not yet be available to stream from free channels. Using their server software, you load the files you want to play, then point the corresponding app to your server and you now have a full-fledged media player that's capable of playing a wide range of video and audio files.

Server Software Available

Just like with Plex, you need to install both an app on your favorite media streamer, and also add their free server software on a PC or Mac. They also offer server software for several flavors of Linux.

Download their software and install it on a PC or NAS. Then add their Roku channel below. But before you do so, be sure to check out how to log into their free demo software and kick the tires for a bit.

Add Jellyfin Roku Channel

Try the Jellyfin Online Demo

Try their server software first to see how it works, before you go thru the process of installing it on a PC or NAS. Here's how to use their free online demo.

Visit their Demo server from a Web browser at:
For the User Field Enter: demo

Don't Enter a Password: Leave it BLANK

How to Install Jelyfin on a Synology NAS

A NAS is another great option to use as a media server. It can back up your phones, computers, photos, and media files. Then watch them on your television using a Roku or other media streamer.

To install the Jellyfin server software on a Synology NAS, follow the steps below.
  • 1. On your Synology NAS, make sure that your media folders that hold your songs and movies are all located in a Shared folder. You may need to tweak some permissions. This is done by going into your control panel and choosing Shared Folder then Create. Give your folder a name like Movies, or Music.
  • 2. Go to Package Center on your Synology NAS and install Docker.
  • 3. Open Docker on your NAS and on the left side menus click on Registry. Once it's open, chose and download then double click to install the app. jellyfin/jellyfin
  • 4. It will ask you to name the container. Just add Jellyfish for the name.
  • 5. In the same window click Advanced Settings and make sure check the box next to Enable auto-restart is checked.
  • 6. Under Advance Settings now click Volumes. Then point to and add the shared folders you have created in step 1 by clicking Add Folder.
  • 7. Select the Network Tab and check the box next to Use the same network as Docker Host. Then select Apply and the server app will run.
If you have problems connecting, make sure that you don't have it blocked in the Synology Firewall. If so you need to open up Port Number 8096 by creating an Allow rule under Security in the Synology Control Panel.

Now add any files you own or saved into the folders you created in Step 1. Then go to the corresponding Jellyfin app on your Roku or Android media streamer and it should be able to see and play your files.

*** Note: Just like with Plex, your PC or NAS must be on and the server app must be running. Otherwise, your files will fail to be found or play.

Now the Internet is your playground, so have some fun with Jellyfin. If you want to learn more about how it works, watch the video below. 

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