Why Premium Internet Porn Rocks

Premium Internet Porn Rocks


With all the content available today online, Internet Porn sites are still wildly popular. Ever since media streamers made it much easier to watch porn on a large screen TV, you would have thought that online porn surfing would trend downwards.

But that hasn't happened. According to Google Trends which tracks what users are searching for using their search engine. Adult Sites still make up the largest share of Internet search traffic and the number of users searching for porn online over the last 5 years has not declined.

Here's why many people still enjoy watching Internet porn online instead of using a big screen TV.

Internet Porn Sites Are Very Well Built and are Easy to Navigate

The best adult sites let you access thousands of popular, full-lenght professionally filmed adult movies that you can watch 24/7. Most adult sites online are made to let you quickly find popular adult movies and top ranked content.

The porn industry spares no expense when it comes to creating and showcasing its content. High-quality adult sites have the hottest pornstars and huge budgets, and they hire top-notch Web designers to build their websites. This makes it easy to navigate and quickly find the best premium adult movies no matter which adult niche you enjoy most.

It's Still Easier to Watch Porn on the Internet Instead of Streaming

Roku used to make streaming porn easy. But now that they decided to discontinue side-loaded private channels, they eliminated something that made their platform extremely popular with many adult users. Although you can still watch Adult XXX movies on Roku, it's harder now than it used to be and requires extra steps and another device.

Don't Miss: How to Watch Adult Movies on Roku

Other media streamers like Apple TV also don't allow porn in their App store. But you can use Apple AirPlay to watch Internet porn on an Apple TV which works great.

Watching porn online is very easy, just point your Web browser to your favorite adult sites, and in a few clicks, you'll be watching a ton of great full-length adult movies in HD and 4K. Streaming porn on your TV now takes a few extra steps on a Roku and Apple TV.

Fire TV and Android user have it easier because they can simply use a browser to access the same online porn sites as computer, mobile, and tablet users. Then they can watch this content directly on a television instead of needing to use casting or screen mirroring.

Internet Porn Sites Are Less Expensive than Cable TV and Satellite

The primary reason that more people still watch porn online is simple economics. Streaming adult channels on cable TV or satellite is much more expensive than subscribing to an online porn site.

For example, the Playboy TV channel can be streamed from any browser for much less each month than if you subscribed to it with DirecTV or your cable TV provider. And if your streamer does not support a browsers, you can still watch all their content on your TV using mirroring or casting.

You Won't Find the Best Porn on Free Sites

Pornhub and other free porn sites make a lot of headlines with their low budget free porn. But if you spend any time on their site, you'll soon realize their adult content is pretty much worth what you pay for it. They show a lot of short, amature and poorly made clips. These are often filmed on cheap equipment and are lower resolution.

User-uploaded content does not come close to professionally made full-length movies from major adult studios found on subscription sites. So even though you may need to pay a low monthly fee, watching high-quality adult films is worth it. Especially when you see the large library of premium full-length adult content available to choose from.

Plus you get to watch it all without any ads, or other nagware. Most free sites use a ton of ads, to try and get you to upgrade your account to watch the same low-budget content without ads.

During these times, stretching your entertianment dollars is more important than ever. And by subscribing to a high quality site which offers a higher quality, Netflix like user experience. It will cost a lot less money instead of subscribing to adult movie channels on cable TV or satellite.

How To Find the Best Porn Online

Many sites listed in our adult channels guide have websites with the same content as their channels had on Roku. Click here to veiw them all »

Internet adult sites offer several ways to watch their content. These include on-demand video rentals, which are great for watching an occasional movie. Or for diehard porn fans, you can sign up for their unlimited plans to watch as many movies as you want day or night.

You can pay monthly for unlimited viewing but this ends up costing much more than if you subscribe for an annual plan which are heavily discounted.

Most sites regularly offer special promotions, Free trials, and discounts on adult VODs that are movies for rent individually.

To find all the latest sales and promotions on popular adult sites, visit the Adult_TV_Streams subreddit. Be sure to click join so you get all the latest updates on special sales and promotions on popular Adult Streaming TV and Internet Porn sites.

Huge List of Popular Adult Movie Sites

Most of these sites contain the same content as their former adult Roku channels, and on cable TV channels. They are constantly uploading new titles to their large video libraries.

Some adult sites even allow their members to download and save movies to watch later offline. Best of all, you'll pay much less to join than a typical Netflix subscription.

Adult TV Guide

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Roku Casting AirPlay Mirroring Online Content NOT in the Roku Channel Store

Roku Casting and AirPlay Mirroring Adult Movies and Other Online Content NOT Found in The Roku Channel Store

Roku Casting is a great way to watch adult movies and shows directly from the Internet on your TV

Roku Casting Mirroring Adult Movies

Big changes are happening with Roku. Roku private channels and Roku adult channels that have been on Roku since day one are now being sunset. This means some of your favorite private Roku porn channels won't work any longer on Roku.

Subscribing to adult TV channels on Roku was a great way to save money. Because these adult streaming channels were much less expensive to watch on Roku than on cable or satellite. And wow, they had some excellent Roku porn channels.

This doesn't mean you can't watch adult movies or content from your favorite private channels on Roku. Now you just need to go about it a little differently. If you have not yet learned how to use AirPlay, Mirroring, or Casting on your Roku, you are missing out on a great way to unlock your Roku to watch unlimited online content from outside their tightly walled garden, also known as the Roku Channels Store.

The nicest thing about mirroring and casting is the content you watch remains private. And unlike watching content directly on Roku's platform, they don't know what you are casting to your TV. And they also can't inject it with a bunch of ads.

Casting opens your Roku to the entire World Wide Web of Video Content

The best thing about Roku AirPlay and casting is you are no longer limited to only the content Roku allows to be in their Channel Store. Unlike Android, which still offers the ability to sideload apps that are not in the Google Play Store, Roku is now the most restrictive media streamer. And they tightly control what they allow on their platform.

But fortunately, you can still cast or mirror any online content directly from a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet to your TV with Roku and most every other media streamer.

You can use mirroring or casting to watch and wirelessly play music, movies, and TV shows right on your TV using a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Nvidia SHIELD or other media streamer. You can even adjust the volume using a TV or media streamer remote while a video is playing.

Now with newer televisions, you can cast directly to the TV itself without even needing to use an additional media streaming device if your TV already supports this. Most recent televisions already support casting and mirroring through AirPlay or Chromecast. But check your TV manual and see if your television supports this.

What's the Difference Between Mirroring and Video Casting?


Mirroring takes the complete mirror image of what is on your device and then projects it on your TV screen. Apple uses their own form of mirroing, which is called AirPlay and now AirPlay 2, which works really well with iPhones and iPads, and Mac computers.

Between the two, mirroring, especially AirPlay, works extremely well. The only downside is you can't use your mobile device while it is mirroring the video on your TV screen.

How to use AirPlay on Roku

These Roku Models Support Apple AirPlay

Roku must have OS 9.4 or higher installed to work with Apple AirPlay
Streambar Model # 9102
Streambar Pro Model # 9101R2
Smart Soundbar Model #s 9100 and 9101
Streaming Stick+ Model #s 3810 and 3811
Streaming Stick 4K Model # 3820
Streaming Stick 4K+ Model # 3821
Express 4K Model # 3940
Express 4K+ Model # 3941
Premiere Model #s 3920 and 4620
Premiere+ Model #s 3921 and 4630
Ultra Model #s 4600, 4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, and 4800
Roku Television Model #s Starting with the Letters: Axxxx, Cxxxx, CxxGB, and 7xxxx (The x can include any number)
Ultra LT Model #s 4662 and 4801

Roku must have OS 10.0 or higher installed to work with Apple AirPlay
Television Model #s Dxxxx and 8xxxx (The x can include any number)
Streaming Stick Model #s 3600, 3800, and 3801
Express Model #s 3900, 3930, and 3801
Express+ Model #s 3910 and 3931
Roku HD Model # 3932
Roku 2 Model #s 4205 and 4210
Roku 3 Model #s 4200, 4201, and 4230

Roku Casting

Casting works differently than mirroring. Instead of showing the same image on your TV from another device. Which works great for presentations.

Casting will send a video over to your TV and let you continue to use your phone or tablet simultaneously. The movie is playing on your television.

Not all sites support AirPlay and casting. In that case choose Roku Mirroring to watch the movie or show instead.

Chromecast uses casting on enabled devices. Many media streamers offer Chromecast to cast your content directly to your TV. Your phone can act as a remote to pause, fast forward, or rewind videos.

How to Cast or Use AirPlay Mirroring on Roku

Of the two formats, we found that AirPlay works great. It can now be found on more devices, including Roku.

Most current phones, tablets, computers, and televisions already support casting and mirroring directly through AirPlay or Chromecast.

This will let you use a Web browser, play the movie on your device, then after clicking a small TV icon, then that same movie along with the audio will play in full-screen right on your big screen TV.

AirPlay from a Mac, iPad, or iPhone to an Apple TV or Roku really doesn't get any easier. 

Cast to Roku From PC Windows 10 - How to Screen Mirror Roku From Computer Guide Instructions 

How to Cast to Roku from Android

Since Android does not yet support AirPlay directly, you can add Web Video Cast. This is available on Google Play to cast from a browser to your TV.


This is a Chromecast extension to stream web videos to Roku devices. You can download this here from GitHub. Installing, this takes a few steps, but it's easy and best of all it's Free. 

RokuKast Installation Instructions

Download the ZIP file from the link above. To find the RokuKast ZIP file, click the Green Code Button, and then click on Download ZIP. This will download the file.

In the Google Chrome browser insude the address bar, enter this address chrome://extensions With the developer mode checkbox ticked, click Load unpacked extension... and choose the dist folder "RokuKast-master" from the expanded ZIP file folder you downloaded in the previous step. Usage

This extension can detect streamable videos (in mp4 and hls formats) from any website which can be cast and played on Roku.

Where to Find the Best Adult Content for Casting or Mirroring to Roku

Private Roku Adult Movies are no longer available on private channels. The good news is every adult channel that you may have previously enjoyed on Roku also has corresponding websites with the same content. So you can easily cast or mirror your favorite adult content and still continue to watch it on your TV using a Roku or most other media streamers. 

For a Full List of Roku Friendly Adult Streaming Sites

Visit our Roku Adult TV Guide

Best Roku Porn

AdultEmpire Unlimted Roku DealsBANG! Roku Porn

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Comcast and Charter's New Flex Streaming Venture Could Hurt Roku

How Charter and Comcast’s New Flex Streaming Venture Could Hurt Roku

Cable TV Giants Comcast and Charter Spectrum Have Tag Teamed to Take on Roku and Others

Comcast and Charter's New Flex Streaming Venture

Roku has had a sweet deal going for a long while now with their free ad-driven streaming channel. Now that Comcast and Charter announced a special partnership to build a bundled Xfinity Flex streaming product, things could take a turn for the worse for the small Cupertino streaming company.

Increased Competition Could Further Erode Roku's Profits

Roku and several others could be in for a world of hurt with the recent announcement of a Comcast and Spectrum joint venture for a Next Streaming Platform based on Comcast Infinity Flex devices starting in 2023. 
With Specturm and Comcast joining forces and as more of its customers are moving from a cable connected platform to a streaming TV platforms, along with specially bundled content. It can easily reaach a wider range of customers. The two cable giants joining forces, could cut further into Roku's profits by giving advertiser another avenue to spend their ad dollars.

Right now cord-cutters are faced with too streaming choices, and by bundling popular content from top streaming providers at a discounted price. It could entice more cord-cutters to spend a little more than subscribing to these channels and apps individually.

The Streaming Wars Could Get Ugly For Roku in the Near Future

Along with Comcast and Charter, Roku will also be facing more pushback to its leading market share spot from another big player in the streaming TV industry. Apple recently announced they are also working on a lower-cost media player to directly compete with Roku, Google, and Amazon for cord-cutters. Currently, their Apple TV is so expensive, that many potential cord-cutters can easily pass it by in favor of a lower-cost Roku, or other brand media player.

With Apple's popularity and their iconic brand added to an affordable streamer, this could also cause a major headache for Roku and cost them sales. So this two front attack on their business, could end up pushing their stock price even lower.

Roku has already seen its stock take a significant hit from an all-time high last year. Apple has also been beefing up content on their super affordable ad-free streaming channels which is only $5/month.

War is an ugly business, and as the streaming wars heat up. The added competition will also affect other streaming TV players like Amazon and Google which have not had the success Roku has had with the total number of hours streamed on their platforms. And with some more big players aggressively entering the streaming TV market, more mergers and takeovers are possible for Roku and other smaller content providers. Especially for those who are not as financially able to sustain an extended streaming war, in a highly competitive market.
Both Comcast and Charter Spectrum have seen their profits erode not only by cord-cutting but also by cheaper high-speed broadband from Elon Musk's new satellite-based Internet. Broadband was their fallback, but now that it's being also threatened. Both companies have no choice but to reinvent themselves and join forces and push back. Or risk becoming insignificant in today's market.

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ROKU PORN | How to Watch Roku Adult Movies Now - mkvXstream

XXX Roku Porn Channels List

Roku Porn Adult TV Guide

How to Watch Full Length HD and 4K Adult Roku Porn Movies 

Stop paying too much to watch porn on cable or satellite TV? Watching Roku Porn is way less expensive.

You can watch Adult movies right on your big screen TV in HD and UHD 4K with Roku from AdultEMPIRE Unlimited, VideoBox, Score TV, Naughty America, SugarInstant, Bang, and Hustler, and more!

Don't Miss This Huge List Of Adult Roku Porn Channels! You can also enjoy them on Smart TVs, Fire TV, PS4, Xbox, Android, Apple TV, PC + Mobile Devices.

Don't waste time your time streaming low budget porn on free sites! These are all top quality, premium Adult Roku Porn and Android Porn streaming sites. Some even offer limited Free Trials, and Free Previews!

WARNING: These 18+ Adult Sites and RATED XXX

BEST Roku Porn Channels and Adult TV Channels for 2020

Click the button below for an extensive list of the top adult movie channels to stream on Roku in HD and 4K!


Free Adult TV App
Free Adult Web App!
Instantly Access Popular Adult Roku Channels

How To Add And Watch Adult Roku Channels

Roku adult channels are private channels which feature contain full XXX movies with many popular adult genres like Lesbian, MILF, Asian, Ebony plus many more.

With Roku recently removing private Roku porn channels, watching adult movies must be done differently now on any Roku media player or Roku powered television.

While Adult TV channels could never be published in the Roku public channel store, but for a long time they could remain as Private Adult Roku Channels. And most were on Roku since the beginning.

Why Were Some Roku Channels Private?

  • 1. A Roku channel developer may have built their channel to share only with a small group for beta testing because it's not ready yet to be released. Once a Roku channel becomes public and they verify it to ensure it meets Roku's channel's standards and developer guidelines, only then will Roku publish it and make it public.
  • 2. Some Private Roku Channels contain Adult XXX explicit content. While these channels are popular on Roku, they must remain hidden away as private channels and are not allowed to be published in the Roku public channel store.
  • 3. Other private channels are built and the code is freely shared like these Roku Private channel codes found on this list. The developer may for whatever reason decide to never add their channels to the public channel store so just live on as private Roku channels.
Adult channels were a very popular reason many chose a Roku because it was one of the few media streamers where you watch these channels directly without casting as on an Apple TV or some smart TVs.

Now on Roku, we need a web browser to watch porn channels. Same as on a Fire TV or Android box. Here are some Android Adult Channels.

Since Roku abandoned private channels on their platform. Adult channels can no longer be added using private codes or shortcuts. But you can still watch the same Roku channels as before, which you can find right on our Adult Roku Channels List."


- Now when you want to watch the same popular Adult Roku channels like AdultEmpire Unlimited, Bang!, Hustler, SugarInstant, eXXXtasy, VideoBox and others, you need to use Casting Mirroring or AirPlay to stream them directly from their websites.


- To move Roku channels, select the channel you wish to move but don't enter it. Then press the Options (*) button on your remote and select "Change Channel Position."

And to move the channels where you want in the Roku channels list, use the left right button and then press "OK."

Repeat this process for any other channels that need to be rearranged. This same Options menu can also be used to delete Roku channels by selecting "Remove Channel."

Top Three Adult Roku Channels

Free Adult Roku Channels


WARNING: Roku removed private channels from their platform in Feb 2022. But you can still watch adult movies on Roku using the methods outlined here. 

How to Hide Roku Channels

How to Hide Roku Channels

If you have a Roku Streaming Stick or a Roku Streaming Stick+ attached to your TV, use this tip works well to keep your adult orientated Roku channels hidden away from younger family members.

On your TV, go into setting and hide the HDMI port the Roku Stick+ is attached to. This can make a HDMI input completely invisible when scanning through the inputs.

The HDMI input can easily be added back anytime using the same TV settings menu.

So even if you have a Roku Streaming Stick attached to your TV, it will be completely invisible when scanning through the HDMI ports. And will only be available when the HDMI port is turned back on.

Pin Protect Your Roku To Prevent Any Channels Being Added

This can help keep anyone from adding channels to your Roku which have adult themed content.

First Sign in to a Roku Account that the Roku player is linked to. And then under My Account, in the middle where it says Pin Preference, click Update. Then follow the on-screen instructions to create a pin.

This prevents any new channels from being added to that particular Roku account until they entered the correct pin on any player linked to that account.

Roku Is The #1 One Streamer For Watching 1080p & 4K Adult Movies


How to Watch 1080p and 4K Roku Adult Channels
FACT - Roku channels that contain porn are not found or added from the Roku public channel store. Until recently this was true. Now you can still watch these same channels on your TV using AirPlay mirroring or Chromecast casting.

Adult channels that previously were private could only be added if you use a special "add channel" link or private Roku channel vanity code for each channel. These are the Best Private Adult Roku Channels - Add Them From Here »

FACT - Even though there are many porn movie sites online. Much like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, the best highest quality adult streaming sites can only only be accessed with a subscription.

These Adult channels offer huge libraries with top-notch, unlimited XXX movies. Most videos in subscription adult channels now have most all their movies recorded in 1080p HD and now some in 4K as well.

Once you subscribe to an adult Roku TV channel, it can be watched like any other channel right on your Roku.

- at mkvXstream we compiled one of the Best Adult Roku Channels lists On Roku.

- These Adult Channels can only be watched on Roku? No, Apple TV owners can also watch many of these Porn channels on their Apple TV.

If you own a Sony Playstation you can also watch Adult channels on a PS4. Fire TV Owners and Android Media Streamer owners can also watch many of these same adult channels right from a web browser. 

AdultEmpire Unlimited Roku Porn Channel

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Android TV Vs Google TV What This Means for You

Android TV is Being Phased Out in Favor of Google TV

Here's what the demise of Android TV means for you

Google TV vs Android TV

In 2020 Google Announced Android TV would eventually be replaced with Google TV. And now more new televisions are coming with Google TV already on board. Here's what this means for you.

Smart TV manufacturers have been using the Android TV operating system now for many years. But some are now making the switch to Google's latest Google TV OS. This will become the more common OS in the next few years.

Android TV

Android TV was an enhanced version of the Android operating system specifically designed for a big screen instead of for use on a smaller screen typically found on a phone or tablet.

This meant it needed to look great from across the room, and applications built specifically for it need to work with a remote control instead of a touch screen as is commonly used on an Android tablet or mobile phone.

Google TV

Since Google TV still uses the same Android software and features, other than the Name change which reflects the Google Brand, end-users would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two operating systems. The original Android OS was not invented by Google, rather they purchased Android back in 2000.

Changing the name to Google TV aligns the operating system more closely with their brand. But there are some changes to Google TV software that will let it do much more than only power your television for TV entertainment. Google TV will include Smart Home features to make it the Hub of your Smart Home letting it control a larger number of smart devices.

Many of the old Android TV apps will work the same across both operating systems. But some changes are immediately visible as soon as you turn on a new television powered by Google TV.

The old Android TV OS was designed around apps, that's what dominated the home screen. While Google TV still lets you browse through your apps, its primary focus is on entertainment. On the Google TV home screen, a large portion of the screen now is devoted to shows on various apps and streaming services.

This caused a lot of user aggravation at first, especially for owners of the Nvidia SHIELD when in an update the home screen changed to reflect shows instead of apps. Users complained that this was another form of advertising, which showcased shows on channels and services they did not even subscribe.

Many other competing media streamers and televisions built and sold by Roku, Amazon, and also on the Apple TV already have done the same with their Home Screens.  So Google is also aligning its TV OS brand with current industry standards. They also included a Tab on the Home Screen specifically for watching Live TV services and apps.

Use Your Phone as a Smarter Remote

The new Google TV software also integrates a phone as an enhanced remote. Controlling not only your TV but letting you watch content seamlessly between devices. Letting you resume watching a show or movie on either device right where you left off. You can also browse for and add content to a TV favorites list right on your phone.

2022 Was The Year All New Devices Were to Use Google TV

While Google initially specified that all new devices sold during 2022, should run Google TV, they loosened up on this a bit. Giving television manufacturers additional time to make the switch over from Android TV.

Even though TVs are still available and sold today with both Android TV and Google TV, the latter OS will now quickly become the new standard. Eventually, completely replace Android TV altogether in the near future. But rest assured, you won't lose anything you love. Including your favorite side-loaded apps, and these Nine Best Apps for TV Streaming, when making the switch to Google TV.

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