How To Watch BBC on Roku

How To Watch BBC on Roku

Here are some of the Roku channels you need, to watch your favorite BBC shows.

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How do I watch BBC on Roku? This is a question that seems to come up every so often. These Roku channels will help you find and watch the shows you crave from the BBC on your Roku.

There really isn't a BBC America or BBC International Channel on Roku to watch inside the US. To watch the true BBC channel inside the U.S.A you would need to do some complicated Roku trickery and fool your Roku into believing it was actually located inside the UK. This can be done although it requires you to change your Router settings and subscribe to a 3rd party service that gives you a UK IP address. You can read more on how to do this here.

Here are a few other Roku channels you can install that will give you access to some BBC content:

Want to watch the entire season of Doctor Who? Amazon offers it and many other BBC shows which are available to purchase. Click here to see all the shows and episodes from BBC America on Amazon Instant.

Add Amazon Instant Channel

Acorn TV costs $5 a month and also offers some great content from the BBC. You can even try it for free for 30 days. Click here to see their full list of BBC shows.

Ebru TV is a Free Roku channel that also offers some content from the BBC including Dr. Who.
Check out their BBC channel guide here

Hulu carries many shows from the BBC. Here is a helpful guide on which shows they have and how soon you will be able to access them. They also have a few BBC shows on their free service. Unfortunately, not let you watch the free Hulu channel on Roku.

Nowhere TV Roku channel also has some content from the BBC. On this channel you will find  several dozen BBC News podcasts streamed from the BBC.

Roku Newscaster has a large collection of News channels. It also features a BBC channel which contains audio news podcasts.

BBC-iPlayer Plex Channel

One last option for those that have Plex. Download the iPlayer Unsupported App Store Plugin to give you access to more BBC content on your Roku.

To learn more about Plex and how to install it and get it installed and working on your Roku please click here.

While you may need to use a few different Roku channels to find many of the shows you want to watch from the BBC, at least you have a few good options for watching content from the BBC on your Roku.

Want to find more great channel for your Roku? 

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