Top Five Free TV Apps to Slash Your Entertainment Budget

Top Five Free TV Apps

Free TV Apps are a popular way to cut your monthly streaming TV budget

Best Free TV Apps

With prices climbing everywhere, cutting costs whenever and where you can is more important now than ever. Here are Five Free Streaming Apps containing many wonderful free movies and TV shows. And the only thing they cost is a little bit of time to watch commercials.

At the end, we'll also show you an easy way to skip past some of the annoying advertisements.

1. Pluto TV

When you first scroll through the hundreds of channels on Pluto TV, it may even remind you of watching cable TV. Minus the expensive monthly fee. They offer one of the nicest grid-style guides, which shows you what's playing on their long list of free TV channels.

You can choose from breaking news channels, catch a murder mystery documentary, or simply chill to a long list of entertaining TV shows. Available on almost every streaming platform, computer or phone. There are many ways to watch Pluto. To take a tour of everything Pluto TV offers, be sure to try their web based version here.

Just like cable TV, you will need to watch ads, but at least it's free, so it won't break your monthly TV and entertainment budget.

Watch Pluto TV

2. Roku Channel

You won't even need to own Roku to enjoy The Roku Channel. Because it's available on a wide range of streaming TV devices or watch on a phone, tablet, or even your PC.

Roku has done a great job of loading this channel up with both original and popular content that's hard to beat. In both the U.S.A and Canada, you can also stream Live and Breaking News 24 hours a day.

For even more breaking headline news, be sure to try this Free News Web App!

Get The Roku Channel App

3. Tubi TV

Owned by Fox Entertainment, Tubi gives you access to a long list of free content to watch from major television studios. These include MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount. They do a great job of adding a lot of new content and you can also watch your favorite Fox TV Series.

While they are ad-supported, if you are used to watching a lot of live TV, the ads are not too intrusive.

Try Tubi TV

4. IMDb TV

Now that IMDb TV is owned by Amazon, you can watch it free on Prime, or download their app to watch on your favorite streamer including Fire TV.

This app contains a long list of popular TV shows and movies. So if you don't want to pay every month to watch shows on ad-free streaming apps like Netflix or HBO Max. Be sure to give the IMDb app a try.

Try the IMDb App

5. YouTube

YouTube is another app that offers a lot of Free TV. They even have their own long list of free movies and television content in their Free to Watch channel. But if you search their app, finding user-uploaded content that contains the same is not hard.

You would be surprised to see some popular shows and movies you would not normally think would be available. You can even download videos to watch offline. Or add them to your Plex server.

Downloading YouTube videos is not hard, but be careful of spammy sites that are full of some bad trojans and other nasties. Your best bet is to search Github, for a YouTube Downloader app and install it on your computer instead.

Record and Watch Without Ads

If you want to record and archive your favorite TV series, using the PlayOn Cloud DVR app is a great way to go. You can download shows from any of these channels, save them and skip past commercials automatically.

We have really grown quite fond of PlayOn the more we use it. It does cost a small amount to purchase Cloud credits. But you can choose to only use one credit per episode or movie for 720p or 2 credits to record and download in 1080p.

Their mobile app also works excellent with AirPlay. Or you can download their Roku channel to watch your downloaded content on your big screen TV.

Get a Deal on PlayOn Cloud Credits

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