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Remote App for Cord Cutters Free from mkvXstream

Use Our Virtual Remote Web App! And Find Some Really Great Streaming TV Sites and Roku Channels!

Our Handy mkvXstream Remote App lets you Find and Access thousands of of New, Free, Hidden, and Even Adult Streaming TV Channels

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The Internet is really nothing more than a bunch of text, videos, pictures and links. But instead of writing another boring text based Web page and adding links to some rather awesome streaming TV channels. We decided to make our page look similar to something cord cutters are already familiar with. The humble TV remote control.

When we set out to build it, we had no idea if it could even be done.

Little by little, one line of code at a time our idea came together. And the finished product works much like a remote control. Press a channel button and your web browser will take you to watch some great free legal TV streams from a long list of popular streaming TV sites.

How Much Does This App Cost?

We did not build this app to sell. Instead we built it to let our friends and fans use it to help them find great Free TV. We only ask that if you enjoy using this app, please pass it forward and share it with others to help them cut the cord by finding great streaming TV and Roku channels they can watch Free!

To Use Our Free mkvXstream Streaming TV App - Click the Orange Button Below!

Watch More FREE Channels


Click the Orange Button to Find Awesome Streaming TV Channels!

mkvXstream Streaming TV App

More About the mkvXstream Remote App

Each button on the remote will be take you to some really great streaming TV channels. And there are a lot of buttons. This remote app only works in a Web Browser.

Home Page This page lists channels and apps that contain Live Streams. Some are subscription, and some are Free.

Page (1) Now Has 150+ Free Legal Streaming TV sites! And these can all be watched from any device that has a Web Browser.

Page (2) These buttons let you find and add many great Roku channels to your Roku media player.

Page (3) This Page is For Adults Only! It lists many great XXX Adult channels that can also be watched from a Web Browser or added as Roku Channels.

Page (4) This page was built for playlists fans. It can let you save some of your favorite m3u URLs. These are stored to any device that you use the remote on. Because it uses HTML5 persistent memory. The links will only be saved on that device. You won't be able to access them from any other device unless you save them again on that device. No one else can see your playlist URLs unless they have physical access to your device and visit page 4 of our remote app. Besides playlists, you can store other links or notes as well. Just be sure to click the purple Save button after making your edits.

Why a Web App?

Since it's a Web App, it does not need to be downloaded or installed from any App Store. And it will work from any device that can access a Web Browser.

Here's a video which shows our FREE Remote Web App in action.

Please Share our App

If you like using our app, please share it with your friends! This way it can stay Free forever. And if we missed adding some great channels, or if any of buttons no longer work. Please reach out to contact us. And as we find more great channels and streaming sites, more pages or buttons will be added to make the mkvXstream Remote App even better.

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