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Cable Channels on Roku
Watch USA Live Streaming Cable TV Channels on Roku. Free Trial! [Learn More]
Calendar Stream
Display Web Based Calendars with To Do List. [Add Channel]
Cafe Noir
Classic "Who Done It" Crime Television Dramas. Roku Code: cafenoir [Add Channel]
Calvary Chapel
Churches from Around the World
Roku Channel Code: calvarychapel [Add Channel]   Many More Roku Faith Channels »
Channel for Webcams Which Output JPEG Images. [Add Channel]
Campus Insider
College Football and Basketball Highlights, Interviews and Clips
Roku Channel Code: campusinsiders [Add Channel]
Canada TV
Webcam Images from Around the US. Roku Channel Code: camsontv [Add Channel]
Cape Television
All your Favorite Capped Super Heros and Cartoons [Add Channel]
Car Show Television
Car Shows, Antique cars, muscle cars, and exotics. [Add Channel]
Outdoor Channel for Outdoorsmen. [Add Channel]
Christmas Karaoke Channel [Add Channel]
In-Depth Look at the Automotive World [Add Channel]
Cartoon Circus
Cartoons From the Beginning to Today. [Add Channel]
Cartoon Club
Best Classic Cartoons for Kids! [Add Channel]
Cartoon Keepsakes
Best Classic Cartoons from Yesteryear! [Add Channel]
Cartoon Network Reboot
Cartoon Network Shows 90's to Early 2000's [Add Channel]
Cat Box TV .99/Month
A Channel for Cats and Cat Lovers. Also, See Cute Captions Channel for More Nice Kitty Pics. Roku Code: catboxtv [Add Channel]
Category 5 TV
Tech TV, Linux, Gadgets and More! [Add Channel]
Cat TV
A Roku Channel For Cat Lovers and All About Cats. [Add Channel]
Watch Full CBS Episodes! [Add Channel]
CBS All Access 7 Day Trial *$5.99/Month
Access to over 8,500 On Demand and Live Shows. [Add Channel]
CBS Watch the latest Hollywood News and Gossip... [Add Channel]
CBS News
CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning... Roku Code: cbssports [Add Channel]   Get More Roku News and Sports Channels
CBS Sports
Sports News & Commentary from CBS Sports. Roku Code: cbssports [Add Channel]
Short Films on Fine Artists, Winemakers, Designers, Musicians, and Fashion Designers. Roku Code: cdsavoia [Add Channel]
Ethnic Programming in Over Sixteen Languages. Roku Code: CFMB [Add Channel]
Chaneru 2.0 $10.65 One Time Fee
Play all your Media Files on Roku - UPnP Discovery for Photos, Music and Videos.
Roku Code: RZQRBX [Add Channel]
Channel J
Made for TV movies, National Weather, and hard to find Feature Films.
Roku Channel Code: ChannelJ [Add Channel]
Channel Pear
Lets you add MRSS feeds, IPTV streams, and Video Files.
Roku Channel Code: channel pear [Learn More]
Chaplin Channel
Live 24/7 Streaming of Charlie Chaplin Slapstick Comedy. [Add Channel]
Chase On Two Wheels
First Hand Riding and Motorcycle Experiences. [Add Channel]
Chemical Burn
Horror, Zombies, Blood and Guts! Roku Channel Code: chemicalburn [Add Channel]
Cherri Technologies
Roku Developer Sample Demo Channel. To View Channel Username and Password is: test Roku Code: DD5RY [Add Channel]
Learn How To Play Chess and Beat Your Opponents. [Add Channel]
Chess School
Strategies Behind the Greatest Chess Players. [Add Channel]
Chillaxation Network
Chill Out and Relax to Nature and Music. [Add Channel]
Chive TV
Streaming the Internet's Best Photos and Videos. [Add Channel]
Christmas - *.99 Fee
Slideshow of HD Christmas Greetings. Roku Channel Code: Christmas [Add Channel]
Cities At Night - *.99 Fee
Screensaver App with Beautiful Cities at Night. [Add Channel]
Cinamagic Classic Films
Commentary and History Plus Timeless Classic Films.
Roku Channel Code: cinamagic [Add Channel]
CJC Smart TV Network
24 Hours of Movies, Original Series, Concert Specials and More. [Add Channel]
Classic Beverly Hillbillies .99 One Time Fee
52 episodes of the classic Beverly Hillbillies. [Add Channel]
Classic Bonanza .99 One Time Fee
33 episodes of the classic TV show Bonanza. [Add Channel]
Classic Car Television
Vintage Films Showcasing Legendary Automobiles. [Add Channel]
Classic Cartoons $1.99/Month
HD, SD and 3D Animated Streaming. [Add Channel]
Classic Christmas TV
Classic Shows Christmas Episodes No Commercials! [Add Channel]
Classic Comedy Channnel
300 Plus Classic Comedy Movies. [Add Channel]
Classic TV Channels on Roku
These are some of the Best Classic TV Channels on Roku! [Add Channels]
Classic Crusin
Vintage Car Commercials and Documentaries. [Add Channel]
Classic Horror Movies
Classic Horror: Monsters, Vampires, Ghosts and Ghouls. [Add Channel]
Classic Romance
Olivier, Cagney and Bogart Classic Romance Films. [Add Channel]
Classic TV
Classic Television from 70's Plus Short Films, Travel, Music Indie and more...
Roku Channel Code: PEFL13 [Add Channel]
Classic Westerns (More Westerns Roku Channels)
Classic western Free Movies from the 30's to the 80's.
Roku Channel Code: cowboy [Add Channel]
Live OTT Free and Paid Streaming Service. [Add Channel]
Daily Tips and Tricks to Help Conquer Clutter. [Add Channel]
Watch the full CNN channel on Roku! [Add Channel]
CNN News. Roku Channel Code: RBFA1 [Add Channel]
CNN International
International News from CNN. Also, see Nowhere TV Channel
Popular shows such as Buzz Report, Loaded, Prizefight, Apple byte, and CNET Tech Review Roku Channel Code: cnet [Add Channel]
Collider Video
Your Ultimate Source for Entertainment News! [Add Channel]
College Humor
Popular YouYube Channel. Roku Code: collegehumor [Add Channel]
Community Media
Community Media of South Central PA. Program Schedule »
Roku Channel Code: cm [Add Channel]
Comedy Central
Full Episodes the Day After They Air. [Add Channel]
Comedy Dynamics
Full Length Unedited Comedy from Top Comedians! [Add Channel]
Comedy Fun Flix
Watch Free Full Length Comedy Films. [Add Channel]
Condé Nast Entertainment
Vogue, WIRED, GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, more... [Add Channel]
Thousands of Free Movies, TV Episodes. [Add Channel]
Confessions of a Hairstylist
Today's Hottest Hair Tips. [Add Channel]
Conspiracy Channel
Covering Conspiracies throughout time. Roku Code: YQJ5B [Add Channel]
Conspiracy HQ TV
Conspiracies and Other "Weird" Information from Around the World. [Add Channel]
Stream Movies and TV Shows from Revolving Catalog. [Add Channel]
Cooking and Food (29 Roku Channels)
Learn How to Make your Favorite Meal with these 29 Great Cooking, Food and Recipe Channels. [See List]
Cool Guys
Channel For Young Men - Sex, Cars, Video Games and more... [Add Channel]
Cool Math Games
Collection of Roku Channels to Learn Math. [Add Channels]
Enjoy Over 10,000 FREE Movies and TV Shows. No Sub Needed. [Add Channels]
Comet TV
Awesome Roku SciFy TV and Movie Channel. [Add Channel]
Couchy Play
Play your Media from Dropbox on Your Roku. [Add Channel]
Couch Cutter TV
Cult, Horror, and Exploitation Films. Roku Channel Code: couchcuttertv [Add Channel]
Countdown to the Magic
Screensaver Counts Days to Your Big Event. [Add Channel]
Countless Classics
Watch FREE MOVIES with your Favorite Stars. [Add Channel]
Watch Court TV FREE No Sign-Up Needed. [Add Channel]
Excellent Free Uncut Movies on Demand. Roku Channel Code: crackle [Add Channel]
Craft Smart
Thousands of Easy Craft Ideas for All Seasons. [Add Channel]
Roku Reset App - For Fixing Erratic Roku Behavior. Roku Code: crash [Add Channel]
Crime and Drama
250 of the most powerful movies of all time. [Add Channel]
CRN Digital Talk Radio Network
Health and Wellness, Political, Conservative, Sports Talk Show Plus Restaurant Food and Wine Reviews. Roku Channel Code: crndigitaltalk [Add Channel]
Crowded Now
Bringing You the Best Crowdfunded Projects. Roku Code: crowdednow [Add Channel]
New Anime from Japan. Roku Channel Code: anime  [Add Channel]
New Movies, Trailers, News, Tech and More. Roku Channel Code: VPQT5Z  [Add Channel]
Harvard Computer Science. Roku Channel Code: cs50 [Add Channel]
CSB Connections
Live Stream Radio & Video On Demand from Connecticut School of Broadcasting.
Roku Channel Code: GOCSB [Add Channel]
CultMovies TV Trailers
Trailers for Fabulous Flicks From the 50s-80s [Add Channel]
Controversial, Horrific, Bizarre, Underground and Exploitation Movies.
Roku Channel Code: cultorama [Add Channel]
17,000+ Languages, Coding, Music, DIY or Crafts Lessons. [Add Channel]
CuriosityStream Free 30 Day Trial
Quality Non-fiction to Educate, Entertain and Inspire. [Add Channel]
Cute Captions
Cat Pictures Screen Saver W/ Captions. Roku Code: cutecaptions [Add Channel]
Garden, Country Tips and Hints. Antiques and Cooking for Men. PBS Shows. [Add Channel]
Watch your Favorite CW Episodes FREE! [Add Channel]
Cycle World
Premier Motorcycle Magazine [Add Channel]
Daily Burn
Choose from a Selection of Daily Workouts Varying in Intensity and Duration - Free Trial.  Roku Code: dailyburn [Add Channel]
Average Joe with Exotic or Highly Modified Car. [Add Channel]
Daily Motion
Tons of User Uploaded Video Content Like YouTube. [Add Channel]
Great Comedy, Sketches and Paradoy. [Add Channel]
Dance Party TV
Full Motion Dancing Roku Channel. [Add Channel]
Top DJs and Dance Events. [Add Roku Channel]
Dash Radio
Listen to over 80 Ad-Free Radio Stations [Add Roku Channel]
DC Universe
Batman, Superman and Much More on this Awesome Roku Channel [Add Roku Channel]
Video Blog Covering the Hottest New Tech. Channel Code: DeAuthThis [Add Channel]
Deen TV
Best 24/7 Halal Entertainment. [Add Channel]
US Military News Stories. [Add Channel]
Demand The Outdoors
Top Rated Outdoor Shows. Roku Code: demandtheoutdoors [Add Channel]
Democracy Now!
Excellent News. Channel Code: DEMOCRACYNOW [Add Channel]
Hottest Interviews with Stars, Musicians and More. [Add Channel]
Derek and Rob X-perience
2 Brothers with Diverse Version of Wayne's World.
Roku Code: derekandrob [Add Channel]
Desert Beauty ($.99)
Rugged Western Desert Screen Saver.
Roku Code: desertbeauty [Add Channel]
Destination Caribbean Tv
Take a Virtual Tour to A Tropical Island Paradise. [Add Channel]
Detroit Reality TV
Vlogs From People in One of the Most Dangerous Places to Live. [Add Channel]
Diabetic Living
Tips for Eating Right and Healthy Living. [Add Channel]
Diamond Club TV
Podcast Network Featuring Amazing Content. [Add Channel]
Free Classic Movies from 20's to WW2. Channel Code: JJMTN [Add Channel]
Digital Drive-In
Commercial Free TV Shows and Movies [Add Channel]
Power your Digital Advertising with Roku: [Learn More]
DirecTV Now
Watch DirecTV on Roku With No Hardware to Buy & Cancel Anytime! [Learn More]
Multiple Language Television Channel Packages: Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Cantonese, Filipino, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese.  [Add Channel]
Disney movie trailers. Roku Channel Code: disney [Add Channel]
Disney Channels All
Here are all the Disney Channels Available on Roku. [Activate Disney Channels]
DJC Kids
Documentaries on the Real World. Roku Channel Code: docu [Add Channel]
Documentary Depot Free Movies
Thousands of FREE Documentaries on a variety of subjects. [Add Channel]
Non Fiction Documentaries & Real Life Dramas. Roku Code: docurama [Add Channel]
DOG Channels On Roku
Here's a list of all the channels for and about dogs on Roku! [Add Channels] For Roku Cat Channels Click here!
Dog Kingdom
Puppy School, Care and Info for Dog Lovers. [Add Channel]
DOGTV Anywhere $9.99/Month
Keep Your Dog Entertained When Left Alone at Home. [Add Channel]
DmPranks Productions
Pranks, Social, Experiments and a Lot of EXTREME Scare Pranks. [Add Channel]
Rock Climbing Videos. Roku Channel Code: dpmtv [Add Channel]
Dr. Alex TV
How to Promote your Products and Services on the Internet. [Add Channel]
Dr. Bill Bailey TV
Hot tech tips and news, Geek Software of the Week and Geek Culture, with plenty of good humor as well.  Roku Channel Code: DrBillTV [Add Channel]
DrTV Channel
Latest Medical News, Entertainment and Medicine. [Add Channel]
Asian Movies and TV Shows from Japan, China and Korea.
Roku Channel Code: dramafever [Add Channel]
Dream Catchers Multi-Media
Docudramas, Short and Foreign Movies.
Roku Channel Code: XRGPXN [Add Channel]
Dream Palace
Heart Touching Full Length Movies. [Add Channel]
International IT, Gadgets Streaming Videos from Japan.
Roku Channel Code: DIRKINTV [Add Channel]
Watch Videos from Different Web Services (Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo) and Cloud on Roku. Code: Drivecast [Add Channel]
Drone Racing, FPV (First-Person View), Aerial Photo, Tech Tips & Reviews,. [Add Channel]
DS Video
Watch Movies and Videos Stored on Your Synology NAS. [Add Channel]
DUST SCI-FI Roku Channel
Popular Science Fiction Roku Movie Channel." style="color: blue;" target="_blank"> [Add Channel]
Dwyer Boxing
Dwyer Boxing News & Other Sports for the Sports Enthusiast.
Roku Channel Code: dwyerboxing [Add Channel]
Dwyer Sports Betting Info
Helping Sport Betters Pick Winners Based on Dwyer's Predictions.
Roku Channel Code: dwyersportsbetting [Add Channel]
Earn Your Spurs
Podcasts for those that want to go Western. [Add Channel]
Ebru TV 24/7 Live Streaming TV
Live Stream from a New Cable Network that Offers a Wholesome and Exhilarating Television Experience for the Entire Family. Roku Channel Code: ebru [Add Channel]
Kids Nursery Rhymes and Learning Channel for K-10. [Add Channel]
Turns your Roku into a Magic Eight Ball. [Add Channel]
Electric Sheep - eBook Reader
New Experimental Channel Let's You Read Several Science Fiction eBooks on Your Television. Use your remote "left and "right" buttons to turn pages. The OK button also advances page. Change color temp with * key. [Add Channel]
EMBY - Media Sharing
EMBY is a new channel that let's you share your media on Roku. [Add Channel]
Consumer Electronics Reviews, News and Research. [Add Channel]
Entertainment Tonight
Most Watched and Popular Entertainment Celebrity News Channels. [Add Channel]
Business Ideas and Trends from Entrepreneur Magazine. [Add Channel]
Entrepreneur On Fire
Interviewing today's most successful Entrepreneurs. [Add Channel]
Epic Fails TV
Sickest Pranks, Epic Fails and "Just Too Painful to See". [Add Channel]
Thousands of On-Demand Movies and Programs. Free to some internet subscribers.
To Add Channel and learn more, Click Here »
Russian Language TV Programming and Shows. [Add Channel]
EuroTVClub on Roku Formerly EuroRoku
300+ LIVE HD IPTV European Channels! Sports, HBO & more. [Add Channel]
EVOX Television
Globally Conscious Media Network, Reaching Across Social Media & TV to Inspire positive Change in Life, Work and Play. Roku Channel Code: evox [Add Channel]
FACEBOOK Photos and Videos
View photos & videos from your FB News Feed, Profile & Friends. [Add Channel]
Eye for the Insane
Combining Science Fiction and Horror. [Add Channel]
Family Friendly Television - FFTV
Old and Popular Shows for Families. Roku Code: fftv [Add Channel]
Family Fun by Blinkx
Tips on Parenting & Kids - Teens and Tweens - Recipes and Cooking Tips - Home & Garden. Roku Code: familyfunbyblinkx [Add Channel]
Family Films that Feature Some of the Biggest Stars in Hollywood with New films added daily! Roku Code: familyfunflix [Add Channel]
Family TV
Travel, Outdoors, Nature and Kids. Roku Code: familytv [Add Channel]
Top 10 Box Office, New Movie Trailers. Roku Code: fandango [Add Channel]
Fashionation TV
Get Your Fashion Fix. [Add Channel]
Fawesome Pets
Cute Pet Videos, Pet Training, Care Tips and more. [Add Channel]
FCB Network
Featuring the Best Online TV Shows and Music Videos. [Add Channel]
Feelin Free Trial
Glamour, Celeb Trends, Entertainment News. [Add Channel]
Field and Stream
Fishing Hunting and Survival Information. [Add Channel]
Fifties TV
Very Best of the Fifties television in various genres! [Add Channel]
Film and Stars
Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies n More. [Add Channel]
Film Festival Favorites
Best Collection of Award Winning Film Festival Movies. [Add Channel]
Free Live TV Channels - Popular Channel. [Add Channel & Learn More]
FREE Popular Movies and Hit TV Shows. [Add Channel]
FilmRise Paranormal
FREE Spine-Tingling Supernatural and Otherworldly Science Fiction. [Add Channel]
FilmRise Real
Free Thought Provoking Documentaries. [Add Channel]
Financial Times
Essential Services, Including News, Comment, Data and Analysis. [Add Channel]
Fine Tuned Universe
Fundamental Constants and Quantities of the Universe. [Add Channel]
FirstRun TV Network
10 Channels of Great Shows. Kids, Reality SciFi, Sports Tech & More. [Add Channel]
Aircast Videos From Firefox to Roku. [Add Channel]
Fire Wood Hoarders TV
Learn About Heating With Wood. [Add Channel]
Aquarium Screensaver Ambiance Creator. [Add Channel]
Fitness Workouts to Embrace a New Lifestyle. [Add Channel]
Fitness, Aerobics, Kickboxing and Yoga Videos. [Add Channel]
Fizzle Show
What it takes to be run a successful business. [Add Channel]
Flashback 80's
Listen to All your Favorite Music from the 80's. [Add Channel]
FlickStream TV Website - $1.99/Month
Live 24/7 TV Shows and Free Movies Online with Original Series.
Roku Channel Code: WVS3B [Add Channel]
Flip Clock Roku Screensaver
Screensaver of an Old Analog Flip Clock. [Add Channel]
Fix My Relationships
Advice on relationships, parenting, spouse and family issues. [Add Channel]
Flix Raider
Recommendation Service to Find you Good Things to Watch Flix Raider. [Add Channel]
Florida Education Channel
Free Learning Content for Teachers. Roku Channel Code: fec [Add Channel]
Florida's Visitor Network
Videos of Popular Florida Attractions for Sunshine State Visitors. [Add Channel]
Flying Magazine
Worlds Leading Aviation Magazine. [Add Channel]
FNC Disconnected
Jared and Kristin from Friday Night Cranks Create Hidden Camera Pranks.
Roku Channel Code: fncdisconnected [Add Channel]
Focus Reality
Best in Reality TV. Roku Channel Code: focusreality [Add Channel]
Focus TV
Malayalam/Tamil Movies and TV. Roku Channel Code: focustv [Add Channel]
Business News from Fox. Roku Channel Code: FOXBIZ [Add Channel]
Fox News Channel
Live Radio Stream and Video Clips from Fox News Shows.
Roku Channel Code: foxnews [Add Channel]
Fox Now
Select TV Provider Customers, Watch Favorite Fox Shows. [Add Channel]
Live French Channels. [Learn more]
The Most Shocking 24/7 Streaming Contents. [Add Channel]
Watch Free Premium Content without Cable on Roku. [Add Channel]
Free After Dark Flix
Grind House Exploitation Films. (Some Sex and Nudity) [Add Channel]
Free Flix Tonight
Watch 500+ Free Movies and TV Series on Roku. [Add Channel]
FREE Roku Channels
List of Popular and Free Roku Channels. [Add Channels]
Free Movies Now!
Watch Free Comedy, Horror DocuDramas and More. [Add Channel]
Playlist Style Private Channel with Free Live TV Content. [Add Channel]
Free To Choose
Exploration of Economic, Personal and Political Freedom. [Add Channel]
Wide Range of Newer Horror Films by Genres. Contains ads.
Roku Channel Code: frightpix [Add Channel]
Frndly TV
Your Ticket to The Hallmark Channel, Weather Channel and More. [Add Channel]
Frogpants Studios
Podcasts, technology, politics & more. Roku Code: frogpants [Add Channel]
Motorcycle Culture, Harley's, Custom Bikes and Travel. Channel Code: ftw [Add Channel]
FuboTV Live IPTV Sports
Watch sports, movies and more. [Add Channel]
FUNimation Free Content & Monthly Sub
Watch Select Free Anime Episodes Without a Sub. [Add Channel]
Fun Little Movies
Over 1600 Licensed Short Films and Series. [Add Channel]
Funker Tactical
Tactical Tools You Need to Support the Fight. [Add Channel]
Funny Bones
Free Non Stop Comedy from Hottest Comedians. [Add Channel]
Funny For Free
Free Comedy, Romantic, Movies Standup and More. [Add Channel]
Funny Stuff and Cheese
Fastest Growing Online Show. Voted #1 on iTunes in 3 Different Categories. [Add Channel]
Trivia and Fun Stats. Roku Channel Code: funsaver [Add Channel]
Fun Travel TV
Travel to the South Pacific, Australia and Beyond. [Add Channel]
All the Best FX Shows and Movies Air the Next Day. [Add Channel]
"The Future of Fanfiction". Roku Channel Code: fydo [Add Channel]
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