TV Antenna Quiz - Discover More About Television Antennas

TV Antenna Quiz Question #1 - How Much Do You Really Know About Antennas?

A TV Antenna Still Gives You The Best Programming FREE!

TV Antenna Quiz

In today's economy, with record inflation, and high prices a TV antenna may be the best investment you can make. And while cutting the cord is still a great idea, streaming has become much more expensive.

Watching 1080p HD television shows, news, sports, and movies from a TV antenna are free. And it will save you money month after month, and year after year. 
Many of the same channels found on an antenna are also some of the same local channels that DirecTV, Dish, and cable providers often charge extra for.

Typical channels you can find on antenna which vary by location are CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, and CW. Plus many more local, Spanish Language, and educational channels as well.

In this short 9-question quiz, we'll test your TV antenna knowledge and also give you a few pointers for successfully installing a TV antenna.


TV Antenna Quiz

1. The highest resolution an ATSC 2.0 TV Antenna can provide is

  • a 1080p HD

  • b 1080i HD

  • c 720p HD

  • d 480p SD


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