Roku Casting AirPlay Mirroring Online Content NOT in the Roku Channel Store

Roku Casting and AirPlay Mirroring Adult Movies and How to Sideload Other Online Content NOT Found in The Roku Channel Store

Roku Casting is a great way to watch adult content, movies and TV shows directly from the Internet on your TV

Roku Casting Mirroring Adult Movies

Big changes are happening with Roku. Roku private channels and Roku adult channels that have been on Roku since day have been sunset. This means some of your favorite private Roku adult TV channels no longer are on Roku.

Subscribing to adult TV channels on Roku was a great way to save money. Because these adult streaming channels were much less expensive to watch on Roku than on cable or satellite. And wow, they did have some excellent Roku private channels.

What Does This Mean for Adult and Private Roku Channels?

Even though Roku would prefer you only use the device with content from inside their public Roku channel store. This doesn't mean you can no longer watch adult movies or other 3rd party content from your favorite private channels on Roku. Now you'll just need to go about it a little differently.

If you have not yet learned how to use AirPlay, Mirroring, or Casting on your Roku, you are missing out on a great way to sideload and unlock your Roku to watch unlimited online content from outside their tightly controlled walled garden, affectionately known as the Roku Channels Store.

The nicest thing about mirroring and casting is the content you watch remains private. And unlike watching content directly on Roku's platform, they don't know what you are casting on your TV. And they also can't inject your sideloaded content with advertisements.

Casting opens your Roku to the entire World Wide Web of Video Content

The best thing about Roku AirPlay and casting is you are no longer limited to only the content Roku allows to be in their Channel Store. Unlike Android, which still offers the ability to sideload apps that are not in the Google Play Store, Roku is now the most restrictive media streamer. And they tightly control what they allow on their platform.

But fortunately, you can still cast or mirror any online content directly from a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet to your TV with Roku and almost every other media streamer.

You can use mirroring or casting to watch and wirelessly play music, movies, and TV shows right on your TV using a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Nvidia SHIELD, or other media streamer. You can even adjust the volume using a TV or media streamer remote while a video is playing.

Now with newer televisions, you can cast directly to the TV itself without even needing to use an additional media streaming device if your TV already supports this.

Most recent televisions already support casting and mirroring through AirPlay or Chromecast. But check your TV manual and see if your television supports this.

What's the Difference Between Mirroring and Video Casting?


Mirroring takes the complete mirror image of what is on your device and then projects it on your TV screen. Apple uses its own form of Mirroring, which is called AirPlay and now AirPlay 2, which works really well with iPhones and iPads, and Mac computers.

Between the two, mirroring, especially AirPlay, works extremely well. The only downside is you can't use your mobile device while it is Mirroring the video on your TV screen.  
This is especially useful when AirPlay won't work on certain websites.

How to use AirPlay on Roku 

These Roku Models Support Apple AirPlay

Roku must have OS 9.4 or higher installed to work with Apple AirPlay
Streambar Model # 9102
Streambar Pro Model # 9101R2
Smart Soundbar Model #s 9100 and 9101
Streaming Stick+ Model #s 3810 and 3811
Streaming Stick 4K Model # 3820
Streaming Stick 4K+ Model # 3821
Express 4K Model # 3940
Express 4K+ Model # 3941
Premiere Model #s 3920 and 4620
Premiere+ Model #s 3921 and 4630
Ultra Model #s 4600, 4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, and 4800
Roku Television Model #s Starting with the Letters: Axxxx, Cxxxx, CxxGB, and 7xxxx (The x can include any number)
Ultra LT Model #s 4662 and 4801

Roku must have OS 10.0 or higher installed to work with Apple AirPlay
Television Model #s Dxxxx and 8xxxx (The x can include any number)
Streaming Stick Model #s 3600, 3800, and 3801
Express Model #s 3900, 3930, and 3801
Express+ Model #s 3910 and 3931
Roku HD Model # 3932
Roku 2 Model #s 4205 and 4210
Roku 3 Model #s 4200, 4201, and 4230

Roku Casting

Casting works differently than mirroring. Instead of showing the same image on your TV from another device. Which works great for presentations.

Casting will send a video over to your TV and let you continue to use your phone or tablet simultaneously. The movie is playing on your television.

Not all sites support AirPlay and casting. In that case choose Roku Mirroring to watch the movie or show instead.

Chromecast uses casting on enabled devices. Many media streamers offer Chromecast to cast your content directly to your TV. Your phone can act as a remote to pause, fast forward, or rewind videos.

How to Cast or Use AirPlay Mirroring on Roku

Of the two formats, we found that AirPlay works great. It can now be found on more devices, including Roku.

Most current phones, tablets, computers, and televisions already support casting and mirroring directly through AirPlay or Chromecast.

This will let you use a Web browser, play the movie on your device, then after clicking a small TV icon, then that same movie along with the audio will play in full-screen right on your big screen TV.

AirPlay from a Mac, iPad, or iPhone to an Apple TV or Roku really doesn't get any easier. 

Airplay Not Working On Roku TV (Easy Fix)

Cast to Roku From PC Windows 10 - How to Screen Mirror Roku From Computer Guide Instructions 

How to Cast to Roku from Android

Since Android does not yet support AirPlay directly, you can add Web Video Cast. This is available on Google Play to cast from a browser to your TV.


This is a Chromecast extension to stream web videos to Roku devices. You can download this here from GitHub. Installing, this takes a few steps, but it's easy and best of all it's Free. 

RokuKast Installation Instructions

Download the ZIP file from the link above. To find the RokuKast ZIP file, click the Green Code Button, and then click on Download ZIP. This will download the file.

In the Google Chrome browser inside the address bar, enter this address chrome://extensions With the developer mode checkbox ticked, click Load unpacked extension... and choose the dist folder "RokuKast-master" from the expanded ZIP file folder you downloaded in the previous step. Usage

This extension can detect streamable videos (in mp4 and hls formats) from any website which can be cast and played on Roku.

Buy an Android-Based Media Streamer

Since you can't use a web browser on Roku, a low-cost Android or Fire TV 4K Max media streamer works great to watch content from websites and is another nice alternative to Roku casting. Just add a browser like Brave or Firefox to your Android streamer and watch a massive amount of streaming TV content from websites like these right on your television.

Or use this Jailbreak Alternative on Roku!

Where to Find the Best Adult Content for Casting or Mirroring to Roku

Private Roku Adult Movies are no longer available on private channels. The good news is every adult channel that you may have previously enjoyed on Roku also has corresponding websites with the same content. So you can easily cast or mirror your favorite adult content and still continue to watch it on your TV using Roku or most other media streamers. 

For a Full List of Roku-Friendly Adult Streaming Sites

Visit The Extensive Roku Adult TV Streaming Guide

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