Flappy Bird Gone? Play it Here

Now that Flappy Bird has Flown the Coup

Don't worry, you can still play Flappy Bird online

Flappy Bird became a viral internet sensation when it hit the number one spot on the Apple App store.

When Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen released this rather simplistic looking game, he probably never imagined in a million years Flappy Bird would become so wildly popular. 

What is even more surprising, at the height of the Flappy Bird craze he suddenly took the game down. Even more bizarre was the note he released:

"I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down, I cannot take this anymore."

As soon as the game was taken down, anyone who had downloaded the game and put their device on eBay could have sold it for almost 3 times what it originally cost if it had the Flappy Bird app installed.

Although extremely difficult to play, the game design is rather basic. Using only a spacebar you need to fly the Flappy Bird up or down and try to avoid pipe obstacles of different heights placed vertically.

Play Flappy Bird Here - Warning Extremely Addictive

So if your late to the party, or sold your Android or Apple Phone with Flappy Bird for a nice profit. Don't worry, there are still quite a few places to play Flappy Bird. Here are a couple of sites to play Flappy Bird. 

You will need Flash installed to play it online.

In case one site goes down, we even included extras to play this highly addictive game: 


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