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Media Streamers have become extremely popular in the last few years. Vudu, Netflix Hulu, Amazon Video, and iTunes are the major players when it comes to legal content streaming providers. They all offer great value and cost much less than a typical monthly Cable or Satellite TV subscription. Here are the important features that set them apart.

Subscribing to one or more of these streaming content providers is often the first idea that comes to mind for cable cutters.

Once you become acquainted with the features, convenience, and large selection of great content these providers offer at an affordable price, you will see what a great value compared to cable these streaming video service companies provide.

The accompanying chart and information will help outline some of the differences between these media streaming giants and hopefully help make your decision on which one to get a little bit easier.

Let's take a look at today's top five largest and most popular media streaming companies and compare their pricing and content.  

Netflix vs Vudu
Netflix has the advantage of being around the longest and has developed a large subscriber base and good name recognition from their DVD by mail subscription service. They now offer more Movies and entire Television series all commercial-free. With their instant watch streaming service and their large library, Netflix is a great choice for cable cutters. Find all the latest and popular movies and TV shows on Netflix - Use these Netflix Codes to find everything hidden on Netflix!

Netflix has a Speed Test Website and It's Awesome

Apple has favorable name recognition based on the popularity of iTunes and many of its products which include its Apple TV. The iTunes store is laid out quite nicely and makes it really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. They offer the most current television series and movies, although at a premium price.

Netflix vs Hulu
Hulu which is owned by some of the large media cable companies has newer content available than what you will find on Netflix or Amazon. Unlike Netflix, Hulu does include short ads with their base package. They offer an upgraded plan for $11.99 a month that is ad-free. Their user interface is not quite as nice as Netflix which still has the nicest UI of all the streaming TV services currently available. Hulu recently stopped offering free accounts. Although now Yahoo is offering free Hulu content.

VUDU vs Netflix
Vudu offers newer movies in higher quality HD. Again since they are smaller they still yet don't have a high volume of content. Vudu is all about providing higher-quality streaming video content. While Vudu may not have the most content, videos streamed from Vudu are top quality and some are almost equivalent to blu ray.

Amazon Video VS Netflix Amazon Video has the advantage of Amazon's great reputation from its Kindle platform and online store. They also offer a great interface and a large selection of content. In the past their content may have been somewhat lacking, Amazon has more than doubled the number of shows and movie offerings available this last year. They now have over 140 thousand newer movies, TV shows, and Classics. Amazon recently announced Prime customers now have free access to HBO Shows. They were among the first streaming providers to offer access to HBO and other OTT channels without a cable or satellite subscription. Recently they once again offered a monthly plan for their streaming-only service. New Prime subscribers can try the First Month Free

    Streaming Video Services Comparison

*While each streaming video service provides different features and content, use the comparison chart below to find the best service based on individual preferences or needs. Pricing was accurate at time of publication. Check with vendor for discounts or free trials.

hidden Roku channels, Hulu
*Prices subject to change

How to Choose the Best Streaming Video Provider

By studying this chart, it becomes apparent that each streaming video service provider excels at some features yet may end up lacking in others. 

Netflix recently has really stepped up the amount of new and current movies it provides on Netflix Instant. While they still may not have as many current television series as iTunes or Amazon Video, recently this has been getting better, and are starting to get more original shows. Some are quite good. 

Their low monthly fee and commercial-free unlimited viewing make Netflix a cable cutter's best friend and quite a bargain compared to constantly rising cable costs.

By subscribing to more than one streaming video service, it could provide the perfect combination of features and content yet still end up costing considerably less than an equivalent monthly Cable Television or Satellite subscription. 

Be sure to take advantage of any free trials to make certain the streaming video service provider you choose will meet your needs and expectations.

*** ADULT Video Streaming ***

While Amazon Video, Netflix, and VUDU offer a small list of Sexy Adult Movies. You won't find anything X-rated. For this kind of content, you will need to subscribe to a separate streaming service that specializes in only these movies.

There are actually quite a few adult streaming sites that offer multiple ways to watch their content including private Roku channels, here are  3 Popular Adult Streaming Sites.

Subscribing to a media streaming service like Netflix, VUDU, Hulu, Amazon Video or iTunes is currently one of the best ways to have "A la carte" television programming today. 

Streaming TV is also one of the best ways to start saving money each month by cutting or eliminating your cable or satellite bill! 

On the next few pages, we put together live updated listings of the top 100 most watched movies and TV shows currently playing on Netflix, the Top 10 most popular on Amazon, and more.

Netflix Top 100

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