Bigfoot Sasquatch Cryptovania Channel on Roku

Bigfoot Sasquatch Cryptovania Channel on Roku

The Cryptovania Monster Television on Roku is on the Hunt for Sasquatch the Elusive Creature Otherwise known as Bigfoot

Sasquatch Fans Looking for Bigfoot News and Other Bigfoot Videos and Evidence the Creature Exists needs to Watch the Cryptovania Channel on Their Roku Media Player

This Free Cryptovania Roku channel, is the only Roku channel dedicated to Bigfoot Sightings, Evidence and Bigfoot Researchers!

The channel features videos from legendary Bigfoot hunter Wes Germer. And it features a half dozen of his Sasquatch Chronicles.

Here is the latest commercial for this series on the Cryptovian Channel which was seen on Maddy GTV another great Indy Roku Channel made by the same developer as the popular Adult orientated Maddy Late Night channel. Both the Free Maddy channels are also well worth adding and watching on Roku. They have a lot of unique and original content.

The Cryptovania Channel also also has a group on Facebook to view more Sasquatch information along with other strange and unexplained phenomena.

BFRO (Bigfoot Reacearch Organization) is another amazing resource for Bigfoot News and the latest Bigfoot Sightings. And they also feature tons of Scientific Evidence from around the world on the existence of Bigfoot.

Visit the BFRO Website

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