Movies & TV Shows Easy to Watch with on Roku

Movies and TV Shows are Easy to Watch with on Roku

      Special Thanks to long time user, crassh76 for his contribution to this guide.

Your Complete Guide to On Roku!

Wish there was a way to securely stream torrent files without the risk of your IP address being exposed? Now you can with and Roku!

" is a private cloud storage service and BitTorrent client combined"

Movies and television shows are easy to watch on a Roku or just about any Android or Apple product with What is you ask? Think of it as a paid cloud service which you can watch torrents on. Torrents!?!?!?!?! I know, many of you think Torrents is a bad word. Really it isn’t. With, you don’t download torrents, you stream them. 

When using, your IP address is never exposed in torrent swarms. Rather it is’s IP address that is exposed instead and they just ignore any phishing attempts. Also, when you stream video files through Roku your stream goes over a secure https connection. Besides, Torrents, will also let you stream video podcasts, and many other video and audio files. gives you access to many TV shows just after airing commercial free.

What end users have to say about

"Just tried out Damn those file transfers are quick. No more waiting to download and transfer to sd card. Thanks for the hookup!!!"

We highly recommend using for legal open source torrents or personal media content.  If you decide to stream copyright torrent files, be sure to check copyright laws as they apply in your country. 

Extremely Fast File Transfers with

After you choose something to add onto your cloud drive, it just takes a few seconds for it to load. You can also easily convert avi videos to a Roku friendly mp4 format by simply pressing a button. This is only needed if the file is not already in mov, mkv or mp4 format. Once your file has loaded, just sit back and enjoy your TV show or movie, or favorite podcasts without any buffering (depending on your internet speed). It works very similar to Netflix with (Play, Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward) controls. If you use the channel on Roku and stop a program half way through, it will even save your place for the next viewing session.

There are 2 different Roku channels for The first is The second is, both channels do a great job. The only real difference is you can share your account on a separate IP address with Roku Roku channel

To add these channels to your Roku click the icon or link above. Once the channel has been added, you will need to link it to your Roku. Visit this page to enter the code that shows on your Roku screen.

If you have trouble linking your Roku, just install the other Roku channel and visit this website: to link it to your Roku with the generated code.

Tip: Make sure you are on the correct website before linking the or channel with your Roku

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How to get torrents on the Roku app

Adding torrents is really easy to do with a computer or smart phone. We have put together a step-by-step pictorial guide to show you how by using, which is a completely free and legal torrent site that hosts public domain movies and TV shows.

1.  Find something interesting to watch.

2. Right click the green arrow, then click copy link address.

3. Visit your Account

4. Click Add New Files

5. Right click to paste links into the box then click next.

6. Click Start Fetching to get your File

7. View Status of Your File by Clicking the Transfer Tab, Then Go To File

The Files Tab lists all your files on your secure Cloud Drive.

Note: Most torrent files are available instantly depending if they have already been seeded. 

View your files from Roku, Andorid Media Player, Computer or Mobile Phone! gives you many ways to play back and view your media files. They have apps for pretty much every device. In this next portion of the guide we will show you how to access your files from your Roku channels. If you want to access and view your files from an Android device, we have also included the download link to this app at the end of this guide as well.

Some file formats like avi will need to be converted first so they are compatible and will play on Roku. This is easy to do and will do this for you right from within the Roku channel or website dashboard.

Go to the or Channel on Your Roku

Once converted from .avi to .mp4 it is ready to play on your Roku or other devices.

The website dashboard also shows a percent done indicator.

You can also check on the conversion status from your phone.

Download Android App

Download will start automatically when your click the download button

Get the Bundle for Plex

Click here for current pricing info, or to sign up for your own account. If you have more questions please be sure to visit their FAQ page.sign up for free and try it out.

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