Clikia OTT Private Roku Channel Launched

Clikia From MK Automotive Launched Another Cord-Cutting TV Streaming Service

Clikia Roll-out begins with Android and Roku Channels

A new live (over-the-top or OTT) video streaming service and original content provider Clikia has just launched another streaming service made especially for cord cutters.

With channels now available for both Android and Roku devices, plus an online internet streaming service that can be accessed from a web browser, Clikia is poised to offer cord cutters one more streaming service to choose from that provides both free and less expensive bundles than paying for a bloated cable TV package.

About Clikia 

"Clikia is a content delivery company within the rapidly expanding "over-the-top" marketplace, an extremely attractive and active marketplace positioned at the very center of the inevitable, unstoppable merger of two dynamic universes: television and digital video."
"Clikia's entertainment streaming packages are flexible enough to satisfy younger consumer groups, as well as the traditional consumer groups who have become comfortable in securing a wide-ranging buffet of programming options from a single provider."

What is "Over-the-top" (OTT)?

This  describes the delivery of film and TV content from the Internet, without requiring users to subscribe to very expensive traditional cable or satellite TV services, like Charter or Comcast.
Clikia is available on two of the most popular media streaming platforms and you can install their App or Channel here:

How to Watch Clikia:

Google Play Store:

Roku Private Channel Code: clikialive

Add Clikia Roku Channel

Online Sign-up:

Clikia Channel Guide - Watch Free

Future Platforms Soon To Be Supported By Clikia

Clikia Apps for the iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Fire Stick will all be available soon. They are working hard to expand their platform to encompass everything streaming.

Premium Packages Available

Clika besides offering a nice range of free content, also offers premium packages which adds more channels at prices starting at $1.99 for more radio channels, and a package for $4.99 and one for $7.99 which offers more content.

View all their premium packages and what they offer on their Clikia Offers Page

Ultimately, you will need to decide it the premium content offers enough value to subscribe. If not, you can stick with the free plan and still have a little more content to watch or music to listen to which won't cost anything for now...

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