Flip Clock Screensaver Roku Channel

Flip Clock Screensaver Roku Channel

For those that miss the glow of the cable TV box clock

One of the things many new cord cutters miss when they turn over their cable TV box in favor of a Roku media streamer is that silly little LED clock. The clock was put their by big cable as a way to remind us only they control what we watch and when we can watch it on their service.

Fortunately once you dump the cable TV box, Roku gives you several options for using and setting up a clock as your screensaver. This will come on when your screen is idle and may be more enjoyable to watch than the default screen saver.

Installing a screen saver works differently than adding regular Roku channels which play right after you install them. 

Once you have installed one of the clock screensavers below, this is how to turn them on.

Go to your settings menu on the left side of your Roku screen. From this menu scroll down until you find Screensaver. Once in the screensaver menu, select the screensaver you want to come on when your Roku is idle.

The Roku Flip Clock Screensaver is a reminder of days go by and is designed after an Old School Analog Flip Clock.


  • Roku has more cool apps, themes and screensavers including a nice LED one called CLOC
  • Here is a screensaver made especially just for the guys.

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