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Watch FREE Independent Movies and Shows!  [Add Channel]
Streaming NASA video, now in HD! Roku Channel Code: ENDLESSNASA  [Add Channel]
NASA (By Joe Screwdriver)
Streaming Live Video Feeds from NASA.  [Add Channel]
Full Episodes from National Geographic Channel. [Add Channel]
National Geographic Kids Subscription Channel Lite
Animals, Fun Facts and Adventure for Kids.  [Add Channel]
NatureVision TV
Experience Exotic Destinations in Stunning HD & Relaxing Music.  [Add Channel]
Nautilus Live
Underwater Ocean Expedition, from E/V Nautilus research vessel.
Roku Channel Code: nautiluslive  [Add Channel]
Access Latest NBC Shows. Use a Provider Login and Watch Even More!  [Add Channel]
NCAA March Madness Live
Watch Live Games, Game Previews, Recaps, and More...  [Add Channel]
Nellie & Ned Live
Teaching Kids Phonics, Days, Colours, Seasons, Shapes, Numbers.  [Add Channel]
NETFLIX $8.99/Month
Premium Commercial Free Streaming Service.  [Add Channel] Get a FREE Netflix Account!
Netflix Codes
Hidden Codes to Unlock the Full Netflix Library! [Learn More]
Netflix Instant Watch "Lite" Browser Allows you to Browse Entire Netflix Collection. Roku Channel Code: NetflixIWBLite [Add Channel]
Netflix Instant Watch Browser Full Version One time $3.99 Fee
Roku Channel Code: NetflixIWB [Add Channel]
New England Outback Network
Hunting and Fishing Videos. [Add Channel]
Newsmax TV
News & Views Along with Weather for You. 24/7 Live Feed Soon. [Add Channel]
Watch, search and schedule recordings from your Roku.
Roku Channel Code: NextPVR [Add Channel]
NFB Films
Free 2000 Movies, Social Issue Documentaries and World Renown Animations from Canada's Public Producer. [Add Channel]
Watch Huge Selection of NFL Videos on your Roku! [Add Channel]
Non Stop Winter Wonderland Christmas Season Classics. [Add Channel]
North Face Park Pipe Open Series
Freeskiing Tour Featuring Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big Air, and Rail Jam Skiing Competitions. Roku Channel Code: ppos [Add Channel]
Watch Game Shows, and Drama, Court Shows and More [Add Channel]
Nowhere DVR
Watch your EyeTV Recordings and Live TV on your Roku.
Roku Channel Code: nowheredvr [Add Channel]
Nowhere Cast
Public Channel with Large Variety of Content. .99 Cents Monthly Subscription Fee.
Roku Channel Code: nowherecast [Add Channel]
Nowhere Forecaster
Local weather forecasts. Roku Channel code: GIN8E  [Add Channel]
Nowhere Porn FREE (Alternatives)
Watch Ton's of Adult XXX Videos on your Roku!  [Add Channel]
Nowhere USB
Play content from external USB Flash or Drive.
Roku Channel code: KGULU  [Add Channel]
NRA Life of Duty
For Those That Serve Our Country. Roku Channel code: nralifeofduty  [Add Channel]
NRA News
News and Views on the Second Amendment.  [Add Channel]
OAN - One America Network News
Not Right, Not Left, Just Independantly Reporting the News.  [Add Channel]
Light Houses, Wild Horses, Culture and History of North Carolina and Coastal Carolina Islands. Roku Channel Code: obx [Add Channel]
Dozens of News, Sports & Entertainment Channels. Roku Code: octave  [Add Channel]
Best Classic, Cult and Independent Films. Roku Code: ODEON  [Add Channel]
Oh, the Horror
Creepy, Spooky, Horror Cinema. [Add Channel] **More Horror Channels!
Old Classic Movies
Old Classics, Replugged Radio, and Live Stream KFOR-TV. Code: 3KGJF [Add Channel]
On Classic Movies (Also on Fire TV)
Action and Adventure, Cartoons, Comedies, Documentaries and History, Dramas, Horror and Thrillers. [Add Channel]
On Classic TV Shows
Watch Over 1200+ Classic TV Shows. [Add Channel]
On The Mike
Hot Celebrity News. Roku Channel Code: 8aess [Add Channel]
Old Movie Network
Great Old Movies (Commercial Free). [Add Channel]
One Hundred Best Roku Channels
Some of the most popular channels are on this list. [Add Channels]
One Nation It's On
Featuring Original American Latino Characters. Roku Code: onenation [Add Channel]
Onion News Network
America's Finest News Source. Roku Channel Code: ONN [Add Channel]
Streaming Celebrity News and Gossip. Roku Code: oratv [Add Channel]
Oracle Broadcasting Network
Streaming 24/7 Uncensored And Freedom Minded Talk Radio.
Roku Channel Code: oracle [Add Channel]
Original G.A.S. Station
24/7 Music from The Great American Songbook. [Add Channel]
OSI 74
Channel Features Hard To Find and Remarkable Content. Code: LLV269 [Add Channel]
Outdoor Adventurer Network
Only the Best Shows Available on Outdoor Television Today. [Add Channel]
Outdoor Cooking Channel
Fire up the Barbecue With Great Outdoor Recipes. Holiday Outdoor Cooking Until Jan 1st. Roku Code: tocc [Add Channel] More Cooking Channels
Outdoor Life
For Lovers of the Outdoor Experience. [Add Channel]
OuterBanks TV
Photography, Travel Service, A look at the beauty of a place everyone loves, The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Roku Channel Code: obx [Add Channel]
Outlaw Westerns
24/7 Streaming of All your Favorite Westerns. [Add Channel]
Outside Television
Television for an Active Outside Lifestyle. [Add Channel]
Watch Full Length Movies in Many Categories. Now: CoolFlix [Add Channel]
Watch Full Episodes from the OWN Channel. [Add Channel]
Pennsylvania Images, Virtual Tours, Guides and Info. [Add Channel]
Pandora Internet Radio
Pandora Streaming Radio content on your Roku.   [Add Channel]
Panic Attack Videos
Investigating Urban legends and the Supernatural.  [Add Channel] More SciFi Channels!
Paranormal Activity Channel
Explore the Strange World of Possessions, Exorcisms and Alien Abductions.  [Add Channel]
Paranormal Reality Free Zone
Free Version of Paranormal Reality Channel. Featuring Paranormal, Supernatural and Horror Movies. Roku Channel code: paranormalfreezone  [Add Channel]
Paraspek TV
Live 24/7 Streaming Movies. Roku Channel code: HJQ526  [Add Channel]
Para Trek Tv
Paranormal Investigations Group. Roku Channel code: GGWPF  [Add Channel]
Celebrity Impersonations, Mock Auditions and more.  [Add Channel]
Paula Deen Channel
Paula's hilarious new cooking and lifestyles shows.  [Add Channel]
Payout Bingo
Free Multiplayer Bingo Game. Roku Channel code: payoutbingo2  [Add Channel]
Public Broadcasting Station.   [Add Channel]
PBS Kids
Over 1,000 videos from over a dozen top PBS KID television series. [Add Channel]
PBS Nature
Nature Videos Brings Nature's Beauty and Wonder Into Your Home.
Roku Channel Code: pbsnature [Add Channel]
People Entertainment Network
Pop Culture from People and EW, Plus Time, Sports Illustrated, and more. [Add Channel]
Peralta TV
Professional Community Programming by Peralta Colleges. [Add Channel]
Perfect 1080
Super Sexy and Hot Models in Full 1080HD. [Add Channel]
Peruvian TV-Online
Streams Local (over-the-air) TV channels from Peru. Code: PERUTVRQ [Add Channel]
A Channel Full of Great Info for Pet Lovers. [Add Channel] See More Pet Channels
37 Live TV Channels for $16/month.(A&E, AMC, BBC, History and More) [Add Channel]
Picasa Web
Access your Picasa Web Albums. [Add Channel]
Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive
Access your Photos on Amazon Cloud Drive from Your Roku. [Add Channel]
Playstation Vue
Subscribe to Full Streaming Cable TV Packages on Roku. [Add Channel]
One of the Best Wats to Watch More Content on Your Roku. [LEARN MORE]
Pluto TV
Watch Tons of Free TV on Your Roku. [Add Channel]
Pilot TV
Choose From Many Different Pilot Shows. Roku Channel Code: pilot [Add Channel]
Playboy Now
Watch your Favorite Playmates and more Free. [Add Channel]
Watch Almost any Internet Video on Roku. Must purchase App for PC.
[Add Channel] Alternatively Use Plex-It to Watch Internet Videos on Roku Free. Learn more...
PlayOn Try it Free for 30 Day and Get a Special Lifetime Discounted Price!
PlayOn gives you access to Hulu*, Comedy Central, Spike, PBS, ESPN, CBS, ESPN3**, Nick, TBS, BET and much more. Record Netflix. - Add Channel and Read More »
PlayOn Cloud Special - Get Credits at a Discount Price!
Record Netflix, HBO, Hulu and 100's More. No PC Needed! - Add Channel and Read More »
Play USB
Play Videos and Photos From USB Stick or Drive. Code: playusb [Add Channel]
Pluto TV
One of the Better FREE Live TV Channels on Roku. [Add Channel]
Poker Central
24/7 Poker TV Network. Free Full Episodes. [Add Channel]
Latest News, Plus Video and Audio Podcasts of your Favorite Hockey Teams.
Roku Channel code: pondcast [Add Channel]
PopFlix Classic TV
Watch TV Classics Shows. Roku Channel code: popflixtv [Add Channel]
Free Movies Online and Web Series. Roku Channel code: popcornflix [Add Channel]
Popular Science
Covering the very latest in Science and Technology. [Add Channel]
PORN on Roku
Watch Adult Channels on Roku! [Add Channel]
POV Horror Found Footage Channel
Ghoulish Channel Devoted to Things That Go Bump In The Night. [Add Channel]
Power Nation
Popular Automotive How-To Shows. [Add Channel]
Plex (*$4.99 Fee) *See RARflix - Install Instructions: Learn more » - Plex Versions Info »
Add Plex to your Roku! Official Channel code: plex [Add Channel]
- Plex Grid Netflix Like Grid View. Channel code: PlexGrid [Add Channel]
- PlexTest For Troubleshooting and Testing Plex. Channel code: PlexTest [Add Channel]
- Plex Trick Adds Thumbnail Support on Plex. Channel code: PlexTrick [Add Channel]
Guide to Healthy Pregnancy with Expert Care Tips. [Add Channel]
Set the Mood with this Free Screen Saver App that Shows a Crackling Fire.
Roku Channel code: presto [Add Channel]
Funny Daring and Unbelievable Pranks. [Add Channel]
Feature Films, Independent Movies, TV Shows. Roku Code: primetvnetwork [Add Channel]
Prince of Persia
Play this Classic DOS Game on Roku. Channel code: PoPPreview [Add Channel]
Pro Bono
Featuring Videos Offering Free Legal Advice. Channel code: probono [Add Channel]
Pro Med Network
Medical Video and Audio Media. Roku Channel code: promed [Add Channel]
PTA - Planes Trains and Automobiles
Free Channel for Those That Love to Travel. [Add Channel]
Psychics Live TV
Psychic & Tarot readings. Roku Channel Code: psychics [Add Channel]
Classic films, television shows, cartoons and radio. Basic tier is free.
Roku Channel code: pubdhub [Add Channel]
Public Domaine Movies & Series
Best PD Movies, Series and Sports. [Add Channel]
Videos for Pug Lovers. [Add Channel]
Punk Rock Mormo Zine
Best in Punk Rock Movies, Music, Magic and Zines. [Add Channel]
Purple Gator TV
"Feel Good TV" Old Movies, Health & Fitness, Wildlife, Comedy. [Add Channel] / Safe Cloud BitTorrent Channels
Save and Transcode Torrent Files on the Cloud. Watch on Roku! [Add & Learn More]
Puppy Saver
Screen Saver Showing Cute and Adorable Puppy Photos. ($1.99 one time fee)
Roku Channel code: puppysaver [Add Channel]
Qmedia QNAP NAS Channel
Watch Your Movies and Shows from your QNAP NAS. [Add Channel]
Queer Cinema Entertainment
Independent Quirky Romantic Comedies and Engrossing Dramas. [Add Channel]
Shop From Home for Today's Hottest Brands. Roku Channel Code: QVCTV [Add Channel]
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