Fox Now Watch On Demand For Free

Fox Now Watch All Your Favorite Shows On Demand For Free

Fox added tons more content and rebuilt their app from the ground up making it easier to find and watch shows!

activate FoxNow on Roku

You can watch current season episodes for all shows and full seasons for most shows (participating TV provider* subscription required), available the day after they broadcast. 

Fox Now is available on a wide range of devices and can be used to access and stream more great TV content.

You can watch popular shows on Fox Now like these:

1   Empire
2   The Simpsons
3   24: Legacy
4   Star
5   Family Guy
6   The Mick
7   Gotham
8   Lucifer
9   Prison Break 
10 Bob's Burgers


Cable Provider Needed to Access TV Everywhere Channels

FoxNow is another one of the many Cable TV Everywhere channels available on Roku that let you eliminate another cable TV box and still be able to watch many of the same channels on your extra televisions using only your Roku.

You will need access to an account to one of a long list of providers to watch these channels on extra Roku boxes.

When you first load a channel that requires a cable TV provider to access all content you may be met with a code and a link you need to visit from your computer or mobile device using a web browser.


How To Activate Fox Now on Roku

1.  Visit the Fox Now Activate on Roku Page Here

2. Once you entered the code you need choose your cable TV provider from a list.

Tip: If you have AT&T UVERSE Internet only, you may still be able to watch these channels using your login account credentials.

3. Enter your provider account password and login name and shortly after the channel will be able to fully watch on your Roku.

This process works the same on many other streaming devices like Apple TV, FireTV, Playstation and others much the same way. You will need to activate each channel one at a time.

Still No Single Sign-On For Cable TV Everywhere Channels on Roku

Most channels require you to reauthorize their channel every so often. With as many channels as there are now avialable, this can become a rather tedious task.

Cable TV providers are in no hurry to make this process any easier, because in their minds they would much rather have you subscribe to extra cable TV or satellite TV boxes at $5 to $10 each a month for each TV you own. They make a ton of extra money from box rentals.

This is rather short sighted on their part. Cable TV providers should make it easier not harder for consumers and because some consumers will simply subscribe to a pirate script which gets all these channels anyway for $6/month and drop their expensive TV provider altogether.

Apple TV has had some luck with single-sign on but it does not yet include all channel providers.

Free Content Available on Fox Now

You don't need to subscribe to cable TV to watch the next episode on new shows in a series and 8-days after they air on some returning shows. You will miss out on binge watching complete past series which is only available once you link Fox Now to a cable TV provider.

If you subscribe to Playstation Vue, or SlingTV these also qualify and you will be able to use their account information to watch many additional TV Everywhere Channels on your Roku as well.

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