What is Roku and Why You Need One

What is Roku and Why You Need One

Roku brings the world of Internet TV into your living room

We still get emails from people asking What is Roku and What does it do? Here is a simple explanation of what undoubtedly is one of the best media streamers available today.

Roku - The Little Black Box that Got it Right

Think of Roku as nothing more than a modern DVD player. Except it does not use DVDs. Instead it plays movies and TV shows directly from the internet. Instead of having to go out and rent or buy a DVD, you can watch video content from over three thousand Roku channels (most are free). You can choose and install these channels on your Roku. Each channel contains organized links to video files that are on the internet or "in the cloud". When a video link is selected from a Roku channel, these videos will then play through your Roku onto your television.

Learn More About the Different Roku Models Available

Is There a Monthly Fee?

As hard as it is to believe, there is no additional monthly fee charged by Roku once you buy the box. Some channels do charge per video like Amazon and Vudu, while others like Netflix charge a small monthly fee to watch everything in their catalog. A few channels that may charge a one time small nominal fee when you install the channel. A large majority of Roku channels are free and there is so much content to watch on Roku you will never be able to watch it all. With the massive amount of content available, many people often choose to cancel their satellite or cable subscriptions after purchasing a Roku.

Roku Millions Sold! Now with 10K+ Channels! Learn more »

It seems like new Roku Channels have been popping up lately like mushrooms after a spring rain. If you have not added any new Roku channels in a while, we have put together some categories to popular Roku channels to help you find some great new channels to add to your Roku. Navigate on over to our Roku Channels guide to quickly find great new channels to try out. Some of our most popular Roku channel categories are: NEWS and Sports, Kids, Family and Pets, Science and Tech, Faith and Adult. Yes, you can even watch full adult content on Roku with these channels and some Adult Roku channels are even completely free. To get started just visit our Roku Channels Guide!

How Much Does a Roku Cost?

Roku models vary in cost from $50 for their entry model to $99 for their top of the line Roku 3 model. One thing to be aware of if purchasing a Roku 3 is it only comes with a HDMI port. So if your TV is older and does not have an available HDMI port, you will want to look at getting a Roku 1 or 2 model.

Roku Channels

There is a huge list of Roku Channels here on mkvXstream. Following the links below will provide you with more Roku channels including "Private Channels which are not found in the Roku channel store.

Roku Vs Other Media Streamers:

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