Free Roku Channels - Really!

Free Roku Channels - Really!

Yes Roku Channels really are mostly free.

If we had a nickel for every time we received an email from someone asking us for a list of just the free Roku channels… Many people when you tell them most Roku channels are free look at you with utter disbelief. Maybe it's because they are so used to paying expensive monthly cable or satellite bills, they just can't imagine paying $50 to $100 for an internet media streamer and never having to pay a monthly fee again.

Why are there so many Free Roku Channels?

Roku is unique among media streamers. Early on they decided to let individuals download their developer software to build private and public Roku channels. Many people chose to do this as a hobby and shared their channels with others. This is what makes Roku one of the best media streamers available today. Compared to Apple TV which has maybe a dozen channels or so, Roku has over 4500 channels with new ones being released almost every day. Free Roku channels cover almost every subject. If you have not had a chance yet, take a look at our Free Private Roku Channels list. This huge list has some of the best mostly free Roku channels on the planet.

Let's clear up some common misconceptions about Roku. While Roku has over 4500 Private and Public channels, only a small number of these channels charge either a minimal one time fee upon installation. Or, they may charge a small monthly fee for as long as you would like to subscribe. A couple of examples of Roku subscription based channels are Netflix, and HuluPlus. 

While the Netflix and Hulu Roku channels themselves are free. What you are paying for is access to their content service. This means when you subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus, for around $8 a month, you have access to their movies and television shows not only on your Roku, also from your computer, mobile devices, other media streamers, gaming system or even a Smart TV.

Some free Roku channels like Amazon, charge by each downloaded movie or TV show. They do offer some free movies and TV shows. This is paid for directly through your Amazon account and you will not need a credit card on your Roku to purchase shows from Amazon. Adding the Amazon channel to your Roku and watching only their free content will not cost anything. 


Unlink Your Credit Card From Roku

What we tell most readers who are concerned about adding extra unwanted charges to their credit cards, is simply to unlink their credit card from their Roku. Unless you specifically want to add paid Roku channels that charge a monthly or one time fee, you may never need your credit card linked to your Roku player again.

Here is how to unlink your credit card:

Step 1. Log into your Roku Account

Step 2. Click the Update Button under "Payment Method" and remove your Credit Card. Now you will never need to worry about getting billed for accidentally charges.

If you ever need to pay for a channel you want, go back to this menu and click "Add a payment method for Channel Store purchases."

Hopefully this will alleviate some worry for those new to Roku and help you enjoy all the Free Roku channels that are available on this great little box.

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