Secret Roku Troubleshooting Screens

Secret Roku Troubleshooting Screens

Access advanced Roku settings with these remote codes

Roku streamers contain hidden screens built in for trouble shooting or changing advanced settings. These screens can only be activated by a sequence of keys pressed on your Roku remote control.

To access these hidden screens make sure your Roku is on and displayed on your TV. If asked by tech support to enter one of these screens. Please Click here » for printer friendly version and keep it handy.

Press the following buttons on your remote to access each screen.

Debug Options:
Press [Home:5x] [FF:3x] [Rewind:2x]

  • In this screen you can perform a full factory reset which clears all setting and channels from your Roku.
  • Cycle channel store server which is useful to load newly installed channels.
  • Cycle software update server
  • Update software to latest version.
  • Enable/Disable debug logging. Note: This requires Developer Mode be turned on.

Check Installed Operation Software Version:
Press [Home:3x] [Up:2x] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left]

  • This screen shows software version and which channels are installed.

Turn On Developer Mode
Press [Home:3x] [Up:2x] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right]

  • This is used for Roku channel developers and also to enable logging.

Quality Settings Screen (Bit Rate Adjustment Screen)
Press [Home:5x] [Rewind:3x] [FF:2x]

  • This sets the bit rate of video downloads to your device. If you are experiencing stutters, try changing the bit rate to the max 3.5Mbps setting.
  1.     Automatic
  2.     3.5 Mbps
  3.     2.5 Mpbs
  4.     2.0 Mpbs
  5.     1.5 Mpbs
  6.     1.0 Mpbs
  7.     0.6 Mpbs
  8.     0.3 Mpbs
  9.     Enable/Disable playback debugging

Reset Command
Press [Home:5x] [Up:1x] [Rewind:2x] [FF:2x]

  • Please be patient, it takes a while to reboot. All your Roku Channels and Setting will be preserved.

Factory Reset Clear All Memory

Perform a factory restore or "Hard Reset" by removing all cables except for power. Use a paper clip and hold the reset button on the back of the Roku for about 15-20 seconds. Reinstall all the cords and the Roku will ask to do a guided setup just like when it was new.

This will completely restore your Roku device to factory new state. Do this if you want to quickly clear all Roku channels and settings for troubleshooting, or if selling your Roku.

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