Roku Channels Best Codes List Database

Roku Channels Best Codes List Database

Nothing Beats a Roku When It Comes to a Wide Variety of Channel Content

Ever wondered why Roku is the best selling media streamer out there today? It simply has to do with the large database of private and public Roku channels available. 

Roku decided to do things differently when they set out to sell their media streamers. Instead of developing a media streamer with a closed system like the Apple TV. Roku opened up their streamer to channel developers and established a large database of free Roku channels that users could install on their device. 

This opened the floodgates of creativity which in turn greatly expanded the usefulness and capabilities of the Roku platform.

Roku Channels Codes List Database

Private Channels Released Frequently

Once channel builders were able to download and use Roku's free channel development kit to build new channels, their channel database quickly grew from a handful to currently over seven hundred public and private Roku channels. 

New private and public Roku channels are still released quite frequently. This in turn brings more and more viewing choices to Roku and continues to push them ahead of their competitors.

Music, News, Faith, Sports Movies and More

With so many channels to choose from, there is a wealth of content and categories available with Roku. If you think cable TV or satellite has a lot of channels to choose from, prepare to be amazed when you see everything that is available on Roku. 

While not everyone will be interested in the same content, there is such a large variety that soon you will find something of interest. Before long you will find yourself lost in a world of internet content streamed right into your living room.

Free Channels

What really makes the Roku media streamer the best of all, is a large majority of channels are subscription and commercial free. For cable cutters, this is a dream come true. 

By adding a paid premium channel or two like Hulu Plus, Netflix or Amazon Instant, it greatly enhances the cable cutting experience. While these premium channels do charge a small monthly fee (under $10 a month). The tons of additional commercial movies and television shows they bring to your Roku, make them a welcome addition. 

Be sure to see Top Media Streaming Services Compared to help decide which streaming service is best for you.

Best Media Streamer Available

Like Apple TV, the Roku interface is intuitive and easy to use. This makes it enjoyable and one of the best media streamers available for small children to grandparents.

Currently Roku has little competition from other media streamers due to the vast library of video content available. It truly is one of the best media streamers available today. 

Best Roku Channels For Beginners

We have compiled a large list of channels for new Roku owners. One of the first places to go after setting up your new Roku is our Top 80 Best Roku Channels List. We gathered all the most popular Roku channels on one page with quick install links to let you select and add some of the top rated Roku channels to your device. 

Once you spend some time viewing these channels and are ready for more, be sure to visit our huge Database of Private and Public Roku Channels and Codes and continue adding and watching even more great channels on your Roku.

Huge List of FREE Roku Channels
Hidden List of Adult Roku Channels

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