Remove Roku Channels from your Roku Box

How to Remove Roku Channels from your Roku Box

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Delete Roku channels quickly in just a few simple steps

Went a little channel happy and now have way too many channels? Installed one of the naughty channels by accident and need to hide the evidence? No worries, we get asked this question a lot. Here is how to easily remove channels from your Roku box without leaving even the slightest trace.

It's actually a good thing to remove unwanted Roku channels. Like a computer some Roku models can even become sluggish if you load them with too many channels all at once. It's better to limit your installed Roku channels to just those you watch on a regular basis. You can always add more from our huge A-Z Roku Private Channels List or the Roku Channel Store.

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Remove a Roku Channel Using the 12 Button Instant Replay Remote

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 1
From your Roku use your remote go to the channel you want to uninstall. Select it and highlight it from the list although don't click on it or you will enter the channel.

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 2
Once the channel is highlighted press the (*Asterisk) Options Button on your remote.

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 3
From the Pop Up Options Menu, select "Remove Channel"

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 4
Select "Remove Channel" again to confirm you are sure you want to delete the channel.

Please Note: If the Roku channel is free, it can be removed and reinstalled anytime. If the channels you need to uninstall is a subscribed channel, the subscription must first be canceled before the channel can be removed. Subscription channels will require another subscription fee before they can be installed again.

To Cancel a Roku Subscription Channel

- Visit and sign into your Roku Account with your Web Browser.
- In the middle of the page under "Mange Your Account" click "Manage Your Subscriptions"
- On the "My Subscriptions" page, select the channel you wish to cancel.
- Click on “Cancel Subscription” and choose either immediately or through the paid period of time.

Remove Channels Using Other Roku Remotes

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 1
Navigate to the Roku Channel Store by selecting the Channel Store icon from your home screen.

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 2
Go to the Top Row to the "My Channels" category using the Up/Down arrows on your remote. 

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 3
Use the Left/Right button on your remote to highlight a channel that you want to remove.

Remove Roku channel from Roku Box step 4
Select "Remove Channel" and select "Yes" in the dialog box to confirm that you want to delete the channel.

Channels Stay with your Account

If your Roku box should ever stop working and you purchase a new one. All your channels that you have installed will be available on your new Roku as long as you set up your new box with the same Roku account user name and password.

To Uninstall My VideoBuzz Roku Channel:

Open a web browser and type in your Roku IP Address (Example: http://192.168.x.x) and click the "delete" button. To find your IP address, go to "Settings" menu on your Roku box then click "About". Your Roku IP Address will be listed right under Connection Type

Now that you know how to remove channels from your Roku box, go have fun and try out as many new channels as you want. Just don't forget to delete the Roku channels you no longer use or need.

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