Why a Single TV Streamer or Streaming Service is No Longer Enough

Why a Single Streamer or Streaming Service, May No Longer Be Enough

The Good Old Days of TV Streaming Are Long Gone

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We are now reaching the point where a media streamer or single streaming service is no longer enough. Thankfully, TVs now have plenty of HDMI ports, and starting and stopping streaming TV services is easier than ever.

Back when Streaming TV was in its infancy, and most everyone subscribed to cable TV or satellite, cutting the cord was a pretty simple affair. Pop an antenna in your attic, roof or to the back of your TV and buy a Roku, subscribe to Netflix and done.

As time went by, more content creators wanted a larger piece of the streaming pie. So now we have multiple channels that popped up, removing their content from Netflix and making things more complicated and expensive for cord cutters.

Roku our once single go to media streamer, has grown as well. They went from a small company that offered a streaming box to let you watch Netflix, and a handful of great private channels, to a publicly traded company. With this came a shift to advertising as their major income producer, and this has led to much of the content we once enjoyed on Private channels being banished from the platform.

Advertisers can place many demands. You must dance to their tune or they will cancel you in a second, and that is what Roku is now dealing with. Streaming wars are also affecting Roku's popularity.

What it Now Takes to Enjoy TV Streaming

Today, we have several other great media streamers to choose from. Apple TV offers high performance hardware with an easy-to-use interface. Nvidia SHIELD is another great option that lets you fully access all the content once available for Free on Roku. Or you can choose the new Chromecast with Google TV which lets you access the same at a much cheaper price.

Another benefit Android TV media streamers have is you can watch tons of Internet TV channels like these 151+ channels you can watch from a web browser. And for AirPlay, which lets you mirror or cast to your TV whatever is playing on your iPhone or Tablet, nothing can beat an Apple TV.

An antenna is still a must have for local news, weather and sports. Add a DVR and you can record a massive amount of content from CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW, and more.

Unfortunately, to watch all the content you once did on Netflix, you may need to subscribe to Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, and more. And if you miss cable TV, a subscription to YouTube TV, Hulu Live, fuboTV, or Philo is also a must.

But even with the extra complications, streaming TV still beats cable or satellite by a wide margin. The days of two-year service contracts are gone. And you can start or stop a streaming channel with no setup of cancellation fees.

This makes it easy to stream from one service, and then simply switch to another. No more rental fees either. Once you buy a media streamer, it's yours and some of the higher end models can last for many years.

So while we can't turn back the clock, to a time when streaming TV was much simpler. Streaming TV still offers significant savings over more expensive offerings from cable or satellite. And it's still the best way to watch TV.

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