7 Least Restrictive Android TV Boxes

7 Least Restrictive TV Boxes

TV Boxes that don't restrict what you watch are great, those that limit you not so much

Here are 7 popular Android TV Boxes which won't limit or force you into watching only company approved TV content. These boxes can easily use sideloaded apps, so you have unlimited choices for watching free TV content.

For the least restrictive media streamers, anything that uses Android for an operating system still is way out in front. Because like a PC they don't limit you to only apps, approved by execs looking to increase their company's bottom line.

Many consumers' who buy a media player don't take too kindly to being told what they can watch on their devices

Fortunately, there are many great Android TV boxes available that are inexpensive, and they let you sideload apps, which means even if an app is not in the official Play Store, you can still download and add them on Android Media streaming devices.

Some Android TV apps can give you full access to anything you would like to watch without limitations or even annoying ads. All from content available online. 

Notably absent from this list is the Fire TV. While it still uses a version of Android OS, Amazon heavily loads their streaming devices with additional bloatware, which slows them down. And then they also like to steer you to purchase more of their products with ads on their devices and on their Prime Video service. 
If you like watching 100% ad-free content, apps like Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu (ad-free versions) are all great choices While Android boxes are fairly inexpensive, only the Nvidia SHIELD, which costs more, will give you a true long-lasting device. They also have a proven track record of providing software updates, provided by Nvidia on these boxes for the last 7 years. Something you normally don't find with less expensive TV boxes on this list.

Other than the the Nvidia SHIELD, if you just want an inexpensive TV media player and you don't mind upgrading to a newer, faster model every so often, you can't go wrong with any of these Android models.

Here are Seven Less Restricted Streaming TV Boxes​

If you want to make your TV smarter, attach one of these Android TV boxes to a spare HDMI port. Since they can all use a Web browsers, these media players give you unlimited access to all kinds of television content, including Adult TV.

7. Android TV Box T9​

This is a simple bare bones box that will still let you enjoy Netflix and Disney+ along with a whole slew of other Android TV apps. While it doesn't offer 4K or Dolby, it gives you an inexpensive way to watch TV. It's a wonderful box for new Android users who are not sure if this is something they will want to use. But if you want something a little better with newer faster hardware, keep reading as there certainly are nicer, more expensive TV boxes available.

BEST Android TV Boxes T7

6. NinkBox N6 Plus​ Android TV Box

This Android TV box comes with the latest version of Google's operating system, Android 10 onboard. It's fully capable of playing 4K content and comes with a Wi-Fi boosting external antenna. They also include a mini Bluetooth keyboard, so you can browse the Internet and watch all the latest Android TV apps for unlimited streaming.

NinkBox  N6 Android TV Box

5. Mi Box S​

This powerful Xiaomi Mi Box S comes with 2GB of RAM plus another 8 GB for apps and content storage. It also features a powerful Quad Core CPU that can easily stream 4K HDR content at a full 60fps. It's also fully compatible with popular apps like Netflix and Disney+, or choose from many other popular Android TV apps.

Mi Box S Android TV Box

4. X88 Pro Android 9.0 TV Box​

This Smart Android TV Box that comes with a newer version of Android OS, 9.0. Use it to watch all your favorite streaming TV apps to help you cut the cord. No walled garden here because you can easily sideload any apps you want without restrictions. It has increased storage with 4GB of DDR3 along with 128GB ROM for a lot of extra storage.

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X88 Pro Android TV Box

3. HK1 R1 Android TV Box​

New for 2021 and powered by an RK3328 CPU, the HK1 is another nice Android streaming TV box. With 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 128GB of eMM, there's plenty of storage onboard for apps and media. It comes with Android OS 10.0 so you get all the latest Android security improvements. Instead of just another boring case, the HK1 spiced things up with enhanced case graphics. It also includes a nice Bluetooth mini keyboard.

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HK1 RBOX Andorid TV Boxes

2. Nvidia SHIELD

For a higher end media streamer, nothing available today can outperform a Nvidia SHIELD TV box. This is the less expensive of the two Nvidia SHIELD TV models. For $50 less, this model comes with 2GB of RAM instead of 3, and 8GB of onboard ROM storage instead of 16GB included on the Pro model.

Nvidia SHIELD, Best Android TV Boxes

1. Nvidia SHIELD PRO

The SHIELD Pro bumps it up a notch by offering a nicer roomier case with less chance for over heating. It also has some extra bells and whistles not found on the less expensive standard SHIELD model.  It offers features like enhanced up-scaling and Dolby Vision. This makes non 4K content look even better. With 4GB of Ram and 16GB of ROM for storage, it makes it easy to add your favorite apps or games. 

Android TV Boxes Nvidia Shield


Android is not as easy to learn how to use as Roku or Apple TV, so there is a small learning curve. But if you can afford the SHIELD Pro, it will last for many years. Otherwise, any of these Android TV boxes can let you stream a ton of great content on your TV that's available on Android.

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