FREE TV - Apple TV Apps From The DarkSide

FREE TV - Apple TV Apps From The DarkSide

The Apple TV 4K Streamer is Here - If you believe you can't do much with an Apple TV you may be surprised to learn there is now a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Sideload Apple TV Apps

Now that Apple has once again updated their Apple TV with an all new 4K model, it has generated some renewed interest. If you believe Apple only has a locked down system and you can't enjoy some of the same perks available on Android or Roku media streamers, you may be surprised to learn this is not exactly true.

Sure, Apple would rather you only watched content from their iTunes store. But this has not stopped enterprising developers and gifted individuals from figuring out how to use this media streamer in ways Apple probably never intended and for now that they lost market share to Amazon and Roku, they seem to be turning a blind eye.

Disclaimer: These are some apps from the DarkSide, that will make your new Apple TV every bit as useful as many other media streamers and still let you enjoy its great build quality and one of the best graphical user interface of any media streamer ever made. A Jailbreak Is No Longer Required! Some apps may contain pirated content and may not be legal to use in your country. Don't use your Apple TV for evil.

By supporting paid apps and channel developers they will continue to keep brining us awesome content.

How to Use Kodi on an Apple TV

Tired of your Android friends telling you how their cheap $50 Fire TV stick is better because they can watch Kodi. Guess what, you can also easily install the latest version of Kodi media player along with any addons right on your Apple TV.

This method works with the 4th and 5th generation 4K Apple TV.

Full Step-By-Step Instructions on how to install Kodi on an Apple TV 

While this requires a developer account from Apple which costs $100/year. Here is a method which lets you add Kodi for a fraction of that price.

Watch IPTV M3U Playlists on Apple TV

Yes, you can enjoy using m3u playlists on your Apple TV.  There are thousands of Free live IPTV channels you can watch from all over the world using m3u streams. Once you download a m3u player from the iTunes store, it will let you easily watch these streams which can contain anything from free movies to free live cable TV channels.

A popular m3u player that works on Apple TV and other iOS devices is TV Streams. It is free for 5 Channels with ads, or you can pay a one time fee of $2.99 to turn off the ads and play unlimited channels.

Here is another alternative completely free m3u player for Apple TV

Get M3U Player

Another Free IPTV M3U/JSON Channels Player that's Awesome is simpleVID

Get simpleVID

These apps work great with Pastebin where you can find m3u playlists. Be sure to read this article to learn how to find more m3u lists and even build your own custom playlists. SimpleVID will even let you play videos directly from websites if entered into a json channel file.

Cast and SideLoad Apps On Apple TV

You won't be able to get the same apps on an Apple TV that you can easily find on Android Media players, this does not mean you can't watch them.  You can, because just like Chromecast, Apple gives their users the same ability to easily cast content that can be found  and watched on an Apple iPhone or iPad using AirPlay from a web browser or other apps.

Android devices can also benefit from this by casting their favorite TV app right on over to an Apple TV and watch this content on their television.

This is not as easy on Android as it is from an iPhone or iPad because Apple likes to keep everything behind their walled garden. But it is still possible using a cool little work around and Apple's popular AirPlay function.

You will need the help of an app called Double Twist which lets you stream music and videos to your Apple TV from an Android phone or tablet. It only costs a couple of dollars and it is a one time fee.

Once installed, the Double Twist app can effectively send shows, movies and songs right to your Apple TV. This can let you use popular streaming apps on Android like Terrarium TV and watch the same content right on your Apple TV.

>Apps that can be side loaded onto an Apple TV

Here is a list of apps that developers have made that can be side loaded right onto your Apple TV. Click the title for github links and instructions.

 • Sickbeard tvOS - A (WIP) Sickbeard client for tvOS to download and DVR episodes from Usenet. 
• Aerial - This is a viewer app for the Apple TV's Aerial screensaver. It lets you choose which screensaver and auto updates videos from Apple's servers so it uses minimal disk space. 
• Auntie Player - An app to access on demand programming from the BBC. 
• MameAppleTV - MAME emulator for tvOS. 
• Provenance - This is a iOS/tvOS Frontend for multiple emulators. It currently supports Sega Genesis, Game Gear/Master System, Sega CD, SNES, NES, GB/GBC and GBA. 
• Octopus - Remake of Nintendo's Octopus Game & Watch device (OC-22) for Apple TV 4. 
• StreamCenter - tvOS project which supplies various video feeds to the AppleTV. 
• CouchPotatoTVCouch Potato - client for Apple TV. 
• PopcornTimeTV - Popcorn Time for Apple TV 
• SiongTV - A PopcornTime client. 
• OwnChannel - Apple TV (TVOS) Template for making your own Live TV channel. 
• Porn Viewer - How to watch porn from Adult TV Channels and other xXx Channels. 
• tvOSBrowser - A web-browser for tvOS.
Note: Side loaded apps require a developer account which costs $100/year from Apple for signing the apps before they can be loaded and played on an Apple TV..

To enjoy some great FREE content without side loading, just download simpleVID from the Apple TV Store. Then search for some simpleVID Channels which you can add to the app by entering the pastern urls.

Or use m3u playlists. Learn more about building your own m3u playlists -- click here.

You can see these days, the Apple TV is far from useless as a media streamer like some Apple haters would like you to believe. It's ok, ignorance is bliss. Apple TV fans know better and will continue to enjoy the Apple TV for many things besides watching Netflix or renting HD 4K movies from iTunes which also look really awesome on the new 4K Apple TV.

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