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Hidden Private Roku Channels Not Found In The Roku Store

Hidden Roku Channels and Private Roku channels are all terms used to describe channels not found in the Roku store channel list. Hidden & Private Roku channels require a private access code to enable access to the channel on your Roku device. 

Many Roku channels are actually not really hidden as some channel developers want people to find their channels and will often freely share the link so others can install and view their channel. 

Our mkvXstream Roku channel is an example of a private hidden channel that we freely share the code to make it public. For example, to install our hidden Roku channel enter the code mkvxstream or click here to install it from Roku's website.

Truly Private Hidden Roku Channels

If you ever wanted to build a Roku channel to share photos or videos with only family members and close friends, than you would not make the channel code public. Then it truly would be a private and hidden Roku channel. Some companies may also have their own Private Hidden Roku channels to share company related video files with their employees and customers.

Click here to learn how to build your own hidden Roku channels.

The Unmentioned Adult Roku Channels

Roku also a long list of Adult channels that are not made public. You will not find these on the Roku channel store. These are true private Roku channels and the only way to access these is by private code or an install links. Some charge by the month for access and some even offer generous 1/week or 10/day free trials.

Best Place to Look for Private & Hidden Roku Channels

New Roku channels that are private and not officially sanctioned, often come and go all the time. We have a large list of both public and private Roku channels and if a new hidden Roku channel is made public we will try to add it to our list as soon as possible. 

Click here to Learn how to Add Private Channels by Code

From time to time new private hidden Roku channel developers email us announcing their new private channel and ask that it be included in our Roku channel list. Google is another good place to search for hidden Roku channels. If you find a new hidden Roku channel and it is not on our list, please feel free to send us an email with the link and we will add it to our Roku channel list.

Build a Private Hidden Roku Channel

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Roku offers an open platform and allows individuals to build their own Roku channels using a bright script programming language. If a channel developer wants their channel included in the official Roku store list, they must submit their channel to Roku for review to be sure it meets their channel standards. 

Not everyone needs or really cares if their channel is in the Roku channel store. While anyone can build a Roku channel, it can be a bit technical and often it is best to use a Roku channel developer to build and deploy a new Roku channel. Once the initial private Roku channel is built, it's really pretty easy to update it with new content by uploading new videos to a hosting server and simply updating an XML file with new links. 

Bookmark our Roku Channel List

By bookmarking our Roku Private Channels List, it ensures that if you ever need to reset your Roku or upgrade to a newer device, you will have access to a large list of private and hidden Roku channels that can quickly be installed back onto your device. Almost all Roku channels are subscription free. These channels offer some of the best content available on Roku.

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