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Introducing Roku's Most Powerful Roku 3


Roku 3 Brand New Design with Faster Video Processor and Improved User Interface Now With Voice Search

The Roku 3 their latest flagship streamer is an updated version of their last Roku 3. The new and improved Roku 3 still features the same shiny, rounded and curvier sexier exterior design. They redesigned the favorites buttons on the remote control, upped the power and included a new "Voice Search" to make it easier than ever to find your favorite shows or movies.

It still includes a heavier chassis compared to previous top of the line models like the Roku XS. This extra weight also helps better stabilize it and keep it from tipping or sliding around from the weight of attached video and power cables. It also gives the Roku 3 a more luxurious feel. Many consumers equate heavier with higher quality. Under the hood the Roku 3 has a lightning quick processor will rip through your favorite movies without missing a beat.

New Roku Graphical User Interface

With it's faster hardware and family friendly user interface, the Roku 3 glides through channel menus faster and smoother than ever before. A new improved search engine along with new voice search will help find the best content and channels. At the latest count Roku now has over 2000 channels. Since not all Roku channels are public, be sure to see our huge Roku Channels Guide to find private channels you won't find in the Roku Channel Store including some that are for adults only.

Roku's closest rival is the Apple TV 3. The Roku 3 has no problem outselling Apple's only media streamer. In fact, according to latest reports Roku is now the number one selling brand of media streamers in the world. Because of it's open software that let's channel developer's imagination run wild, Roku offers so many more channels. The available free content to watch on Roku is huge compared to the Apple TV and most other Roku competitors.

The only way the Apple TV comes close is in it's jailbroken form loaded with XBMC and various plugins. Since there's still no jailbreak even available for Apple's current 3rd generation Apple TV, people are forced to wait or pay a premium for an Apple TV 2 which can be jailbroken. 

(Compatible with Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, and Roku LT)

New Remote - and now a Roku YouTube Channel!

While the remote sports a new headphone jack, and is no longer line of site because it now uses wireless technology. This means you can point it anywhere and it will still continue to change channels without missing a beat. Just be sure according to Roku's latest email, to install the batteries facing the correct way.

Roku also now has a YouTube channel that only works on their current Roku Models. 

MyVideo Buzz Still a Popular YouTube Option. Learn more about My VideoBuzz Roku Channel and our YouTube Popular Channel Codes available to help those that want to watch YouTube videos on their Roku streamers.

Roku 3 Available Now

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Roku 3 the ultimate cord cutting top selling media streamer

If you don't need voice search or games get the Roku 2

The new Roku 2 is now just as fast and will save you $30. While you lose voice search and games from the remote. You will still get all the great Roku content. While the Roku 3 used to have the fastest processor, with the latest 2015 update, the Roku 2 is now just as quick.

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