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Mountain Lion Enables Air Play Mirroring
Built into Apple's latest software OS X Mountain Lion, is a new app that will stream and mirror music, video or photos onto your TV screen. Stream content  to your 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV from an Apple iOS device that meets these requirements:
  • iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (and later) with iOS 5 and later
  • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software version 5.0 or later
  • An 802.11a, -g or -n wireless network
All devices must be on the same wireless network. This is a welcome App and will make it easy for most users to set up and stream content to their TV. One more step Apple has taken to try make their box outshine their closest competitor the Roku media streamer.

Our Private Roku Channel is Live!!!
Channel features MX Privateer Mike Horban and GO Pro Extreme HD Sports Videos. The new private Roku channel code is: mkvXstream To add this channel to your Roku device, please click here »

Mac Mini Line 2012 Refresh
Apple released a new line of it's smallest desktop computer. The new Mac Mini starts at $599 and now come with three 3.0 USB ports. They offer the new Ivy Bridge dual or quad core Intel processors along with Intel HD 4000 graphics cards and up to 16GB of Ram. The Mac Mini in combination with EyeTV is one of our favorite DVR/HTPC boxes.

FCC Gives Cable Company OK To Scramble.
The FCC recently ruled CATV industry can now scramble all of their channels. What does this mean for cable cutters? Please read more »

Apricorn Aegis Padlock Encrypted Portable Hard Drive
Apricorn Aegis Padlock Encrypted Portable Hard Drive
Portable Hard Drive with built in Military hardware encryption will provide a secure environment for your data. With brute force self destruct feature and built in keypad access this self contained 1 TB USB 3.0 drive will keep your files secure and out of prying eyes... To view specs and price, please click here »

Nito Installer Released for 2nd Generation Apple TV 
Not much going on in the way of mods for the AppleTV lately.  Apple TV 3 jailbreak is still nowhere to be found. It's exciting to hear that Nito has just released a new installer for 2nd generation jailbroken Apple TV owners. Now it is easier than ever to install software mods like XBMC or NitoTV on a jailbroken Apple TV. This used to require a series of steps that left some less technically inclined folks running for the hills. With the new simple to use software, now all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks and your 2nd Generation Apple TV will be running XBMC in no time. Once you have XBMC installed be sure to check out some very popular add-ons that will turn your jailbroken Apple TV into a screaming cable cutting machine. Instructions and download of Nito Installer for your 2nd generation Apple TV, is available here »

MiniPro - Affordable NAS Alternative
Many media streamer owners may have amassed large collections of movies and music files and can't really afford an expensive NAS to backup their files. Here is an alternative lower cost solution... Please read more »

NEW - Posted Links for QNAP and SYNOLOGY NAS Demo Software.
For login and password information, please visit our QNAP Page » and Synology Page »

Google's Brand New $300 Media Streamer
Embracing the future Google is releasing a new Nexus Q media streamer. Read more »

Record Free Live TV or Cable With HD HomeRun Prime
A HDHomeRun network QAM tuner is simply a must have when building a HTPC or to watch HD TV on your PC or Mac. HDHomeRun makes one of the best tuners available for network streaming. The Prime comes with three cable card equipped tuners. If you want to keep your cable and stream or record HD, the HDHomeRun Prime will record all the premium channels cable has to offer without a monthly rental fee. Please read more »

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