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Roku Surpassed 1000 Channels With More on the Way Soon
Roku announced several new partnerships recently including a deal with Time Warner Cable that will bring an incredible 300 live channels to the Roku platform. This next quarter they are launching a series of new channels from Blockbuster On Demand, FOX NOW, PBS, PBS KIDS, iHeartRadio and Big Fish Unlimited. These will add even more great video, music and casual games to the growing list of over 1000 Roku channels. Once these new Roku channels go live, we will update and add them to our Roku channel list.

Watch YouTube On Roku
People wanting YouTube back on Roku seems to be one of the most asked for requests on Roku's Facebook page. YouTube used to be available until Roku lost their licensing agreement with Google. Now there is a work around from a 3rd party channel developer called Video Buzz. This Roku channel works great to play videos from YouTube and other video sites on the web. Video Buzz also includes a nice search feature to help find exactly what you are looking for. The latest version now supports and plays HD videos as well. Video Buzz is a nice replacement for the old Rate Rix channel which is no longer working and also used to be a great option for watching YouTube videos on Roku. To Install the Video Buzz Channel, the link and instructions are here »

Changes To Our 2012-13 Private Roku TV Channels List
We really tried to keep our Roku Channel list on one page. Unfortunately as we kept adding more Roku channels and codes, the list kept getting larger and harder to manage. Since we spend a lot of our time coding in HTML, we decided the best course of action was to split our Roku Channel list into eight sections with easy to navigate A-Z links, plus popular faith based and News channel categories. Although may take a few more clicks to see the entire list, it gives us more room to grow and keep adding more public and private Roku channels. It should now be even easier to find a good Roku channel with much less scrolling.

Roku Now Features Free Search Across Selected Channels
Roku updated their software to allow users to search for their favorite movies or television shows across featured Roku channels. This new software will only work with their current Roku 2 and newer Roku players. To Add the Roku Search feature, update your software to version 4.8 352x. Then please Click Here » to install search channel.

Roku Streaming Stick Now Available
This $99 Roku Streamer changed the media streamer market forever by shoehorning a hockey puck sized device into an oversize USB flash drive package. The diminutive streaming stick plugs into the back of your TV hidden out of site and links to it's remote over WiFi. It still offers the great Roku software and access to the free huge channel list which has made Roku stand out from their competitors.

Roku Projector Media Streamer, 2013 Roku Channels
Just Released Roku 3M Projector
New this week is a joint venture between Roku and 3M. A projector capable of a 120" wide screen along with an included Roku streaming stick. It is only capable of 800X480 image resolution and has a price tag of $299. Guess we will need to wait and see if Roku decides to offer an HD Roku Projector version as well. To view SPR1000 Projector specs, here »

Watch Live Network TV Channels on Roku
Ever wish you could stream some of your favorite cable channels on Roku live? USTVNow gives you many of the same cable channels at a much lower cost. They even offer a free 45 day trial. Watch some of your favorite channels including network channels like PBS, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and more. These channels can be watched on Roku, Smart Phones, Computers, and Tablets.
Click here for full details on how to get USTVNow today.

News Corporation and BSkyB Invests 45 Million in Roku 
With the News Corporation and Sky strategic relationships, we are poised to further grow our leadership position and to become the TV distribution platform of the future,” said Roku founder and the inventor of DVR, Anthony Wood, in a statement.

Blu-ray Nearing the End
This was the prediction made by Roku CEO Anthony Wood at a recent TV of Tomorrow Show. He was asked if people would still be using Blu-ray players in four years. He responded that Blue-ray had reached it's peak and there is simply no comparison to the user experience of a dedicated streaming set top box like the Roku. Roku sales have tripped over the last few years and they made $100 million in sales last year.
Amazon On-Demand Channel Big Hit on the Roku Box

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