Synology NAS DSM 6.2 Software Demo

Working Demo Synology NAS DSM 6.2

Synology makes a great line of NAS Drive enclosures for backing up your files, and also for storing your video or audio files to stream to various devices on your network. They offer a great online demo version of their operating software that lets you get an idea of it's capabilities and features. Take the latest Synology DSM 6.2 software for a test drive with this fully working live demo.

If the Demo is in use and you can't connect, Click here to access the Synology Technical Video Library.


    The admin password is not editable
   Volume and shared folders are not removable
   Most settings will not take effect on the demo site
The following features are disabled:
  •         Web Station, FTP, and WebDAV
  •         The "upload" function of File Station and File Browser
  •         The "upload" function of Photo Station
  •         Shutdown and reboot
  •         DSM upgrade
  •         Package installation
  •         Download Station

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