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Black Edition (No Ads)

If you are a fan of searching for free IPTV m3u Playlists, then you will enjoy the new Private Ad-Free m3u Playlist Player.

Update 1/2/2017 m3u Black is Back

While the original m3u Playlist Player was ground breaking, there was one big complaint from many users, too many ads.  It would play the same ads over and over every time you changed the channel.

While the original m3u playlist player was the only Roku channel of its kind, the Developer deserves a lot of credit for building and sharing it with the Roku community. As with everything else in life, it's only a matter of time before someone comes along and invents a better mousetrap.

Not to be outdone, the author of the original m3u Playlist Player reduced the number of ads in the latest version of the channel and made it so you now only need to click the Terms of Service one time. Be sure to update your Roku to get the latest channel updates.

M3U Player (Black Edition)

This new ad-free m3U Player is pretty cool. Since it's also a Private Roku Channel you can't add it from the Roku channel store and this channel will need to be added using either the code which is m3ublack, or from the Roku add channel link provided below.

We don't know yet if this will eventually be added as a public channel, or if at some point there will be a fee or ads in order to use this channel.

For now, feel free to enjoy this new m3u Playlist channel. It's another welcome addition to the Roku IPTV community and it will let you enjoy browsing your m3u playlists ad free.

If you have questions or suggestions you can post them here. Please keep your comments positive and be supportive of the developer who has worked hard donating his time to bring the Roku community an awesome and free m3u channel.

Roku m3u player no ads

"Black M3U Player" Code: M3UBLACK


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Learn More About m3u Playlists

Click here for more detailed m3u playlists instructions

This will give you more information about m3u playlists, how to find them and also how to build your own from links to mp4 and m4v files that can be found on the Internet.


m3u Playlists Tips 

Generally when trying playlists on your Roku, files that are m3u, not TS tend to work better. Be sure to pay extra attention to the link of your playlist when entering it into the app. One typo and you will be sitting there for a long time waiting for it to load with nothing happening. It is normal for it to take 30 seconds or longer for long playlists to load when first entered.

You can run long URL Links through a link shortener like bit.ly to save yourself a bunch of typing on your Roku remote.

This is probably one of the most common reasons a playlist won't play. If you check the playlist URL in VLC first and it plays and it's in the correct format, it should play fine on your Roku.

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