How to Use Ad Free m3u Player on Roku

How to Add and Use The Ad-Free M3U Player on Roku

Then Add NEWSWIRE Playlist

Guest post by Tony Jones

UPDATE: This App has been sold was no longer working and now it works again. If it stops working Just use the Public Red Player Channel instead. Or, check out this ad-free Plex IPTV player channel. More Details...

no ad m3u black VODcast Player

Adding the Private m3u Player Roku Channel ^

euroroku channel

First if you don't already have the m3u ad-free black player installed on your Roku, go to your Roku online account here: 

You will be asked to log into your roku account with your email address and password. Scroll down to where it says MANAGE ACCOUNT. 

Right underneath that you will see "Add Channel by Code". Click that link. 
You will be taken to a page that says Add Channel. 

On this page you will now see a highlighted area that says. "Add Channel by Code. In this area type in the code: m3ublack  (or click the m3u photo above ^)

You will get a warning page. This is just a disclaimer page telling you are about  non certified Roku channels. Nothing to worry about, it's just Roku's way of telling you that this channel has not been certified by them and is a private channel and is not in their public store. 

Go ahead and click OK. You will go to a page that shows the channel icon on your Roku's home screen. Finally click the "Yes, Add Channel Button." You will get a confirmation message telling you the m3u channel has been installed on your Roku. 

Go back to your TV and you first must do a System Update on your Roku. If you don't do the System Update, it could take up to 24 hrs before you see the channel show up. 

To check for updates go to Settings/System/Update and check for updates. When it's finished this will install the channel to your home screen.

How to Add m3u Playlists to the Private Ad-Free m3u Player 

Click here to add the m3u player to your Roku
Now that we have installed the m3u player channel, lets add the NEWSWIRE m3u list. Click the M3U channel to launch it on your Roku. 

Once the channel opens, you will see two choices 

1. M3U player 
2. Playlist editor

Move down to Playlist editor and select it 

Now you see two more items again. 

1. Edit/Change Playlists 
2. Reset Play lists. 

Select item number 1. Edit/Change playlists. This takes you to a screen with 9 slots named Empty and one named Demo.

Choose the 1st slot named "Empty" and this will take you to a screen with an on-screen keyboard. 

Before you do anything you must first use the down button on your remote move down to the bottom left location of the window (The Trash Can) and press OK on the remote. This clears the box above the keyboard. 

Now use your remote to move around the keyboard and enter a name for your first playlist. Type newswire, then move to the right with the arrow buttons with the remote until the "Save NAME of Playlist" is highlighted. 

Then another screen will open where you will input the URL address of the playlist. 

FOR PASTEBIN URLS ONLY - Move down using the arrow keys to the area on screen that says: "" and press OK on your remote. 

You will notice the input box above the keyboard now says this is a shortcut button that automatically filled this in so you won't need to type it in each time you want to try a new m3u playlist on pastebin.

Now use the arrow keys on your Roku remote and move up into the keyboard area and highlight and click OK on each of the following keys on the on-screen keyboard. 


For M3U Link See Below 

This will add Newswire m3u feed to your m3u channel.

You can learn more about Newswire here.


For M3U Link See Below 

This will add MusicMan m3u feed to your m3u channel. MusicMan will let you listen to over 125 live streaming radio channels.


For M3U Link See Below 

MusicMan will let you listen to over 75 streaming music channels.

All three m3u streams have been combined into a single playlist. You can now add to your playlist player with a shortened url. You can find the latest Newswire TinyURL playlist link on this  M3U Remote Control Web App

Highlight the Up Arrow Key on the keyboard to make the keys on the keyboard either Capital or Lower case. Be certain that you enter this code EXACTLY as shown without any typos! I can't stress this enough. 

Once you have done this correctly, look at the complete address at the top of your Roku screen. 

Once you have the correct URL address, move down to the SAVE URL area and press ok on your remote. Now press the back button twice on your remote. you should be at a screen that says Playlist Editor and M3U player. 

Move down and this time highlight and choose M3U player by pressing OK. Now the screen will have 2 items to choose from. This is the player itself and the real fun begins because you will finally have something to watch. You should be at a screen on your Roku with newswire highlighted, along with a small TV on the right hand side of the screen. 

Please note the bottom area of the screen. These are instructions on the various remote keys to use within the m3u player Roku channel. With the newswire playlist highlighted, press the OK button on your remote. The screen will change and say attempting parse. The player is reading the address you typed in earlier. That's why it has to be entered exactly as shown. 

Now you can use the arrow keys to go up or down the list on the left of your screen to the desired channel you wish to watch. I suggest that you print these instruction out, if possible, for reference to follow along with while you install  this private playlist player and your first m3u playlist on your Roku.

Enjoy your new private m3u player without ads.

To learn more about how to find and build your own custom m3u playlists and try the original Roku m3u Playlist player which now lets you add playlists from USB click here.

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