IPTV m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel

IPTV m3U Playlist Player Roku Channel

IPTV M3U Playlist Player will let you build, add and play some amazing custom M3U playlists that can contain many free Live TV channels, Movies, TV Shows and even Music.

Once you learn how to create IPTV playlists, you can end up with a massive IPTV list that could be very similar to the XTV Roku channel. The process we show you below will work with any IPTV player and we included a link at the end to an IPTV Player app you can use on your Android Devices as well.

How to build IPTV Playlists for the m3u Playlist Player

You will first need to obtain and add link to a current M3U playlist. This channel will do nothing without one.

STEP 1. Add the Public Roku IPTV m3u Player PlayList channel above. The Private channel which used the Code: IPTVM3U is no longer working it will direct you to install this new one. (TIP: If going from this private beta channel to the new public channel be sure to write down your m3u links or you will lose them.)

STEP 2. Use M3U search engine that can be found on our News Page (It's near the bottom of the page under IPTV SEARCH). Use it to search for current M3U playlists.

TIP: To see only the most current results click the Sort by Date button up near the top of the results window. This will filter the list with the most recent uploaded M3U lists shown first. Also, try using the search term "Premium m3u" for some good HD playlists.

M3U URLS look like this:


An M3U Playlist can contain many of these links and each will show up as a separate channel from within your IPTV app. If you find a direct hosted M3U Playlist and you don't plan on editing the playlist, skip to STEP 8. Some lists may require a login and password so be sure to copy and include this as well.

STEP 3. From the IPTV SEARCH results, click IPTV links that looks interesting. This will open up a page with a list of M3U URLS. Copy and paste the listed URLS as shown above into a text file. Your list can combine several different URL lists if you like. Just make sure to put each URL on a separate line. Save your text file as any name but be sure to end it with the extension m3u. For Example: myplaylist.m3u

STEP 4. Because typing individual M3U links into the IPTV Playlist Player is tedious on your Roku open up VLC. If you don't have it installed download VLC here.

STEP 5. Open VLC and import myplaylist.m3u file you saved by dragging it into the window. This will open up a list of channels from your URL list. Click on each one to make sure they work. You can edit your list by right clicking and deleting any links that do not work. When you are happy with your list click File\Save Playlist. This will save your changes and give you an updated m3u file. Now you can link to it from your computer, NAS, or you can even upload it to your favorite file storage site like Google Drive. If you want to share it publicly, you can upload it to Pastebin. Pastebin is also a nice place to find public uploaded M3U lists as well.

Step 6. To share it from Google Drive, find your playlist.m3u file you uploaded then right click on it and Get Shareable Link. Then make sure you copy the entire link shown.

Step 7. Open up Google Drive Direct Link Generator. If you don't do this step, your file will not be playable from Roku directly. Paste the link you copied in Step 6 from Google Drive. Into the top box then click the button Create Direct Link. Your new direct link will be in the bottom box below. If you want to save yourself a ton of typing, shorten this URL with a link shortener like bit.ly URL Shortener.

Step 8. Type the direct link from Step 7 into the IPTV Playlist Player channel on your Roku by selecting the New Playlist button at the bottom right of the screen. This will open up the keyboard where you will need to type in the entire URL. Once you have saved your Playlist. You should be able to play everything on your Roku directly that was on your M3U playlist.

If the filed doesn't play, once you add the link to your IPTV Playlist Player on your Roku. Try leaving the channel and go back into it and this will refresh the channel and your m3u playlist should then begin playing.

Also, don't waste your time with lists ending in .ts these won't work on Roku. The lists you want should end in m3u, or m3u8.



IPTV - It's Not Really That Hard

This may all sound complicated but rest assured, once you do it a few times it is really pretty easy. Finding new M3U links and creating playlists can be a lot of fun. You will be surprised at all the great stuff you can find.

By using the method outlined above and creating massive playlists you will even be able to enjoy your own custom IPTV playlist that will rival the popular XTV Roku channel. Just be sure to share your custom playlist with us on RokuRocks. ;<)

One more tip, if all the ads in the Roku IPTV Playlist Player drive you nutz, try unchecking the box in the settings/system page about third party advertisements for your interest. This has been known to rid them for some users. To do this go to: Main Roku screen/Settings/System/Privacy then check limit ad tracking, reset advertising identifier. Developer is working on a new release that will fix this soon and limit the ads to only a few a day. Also some exciting new features are on the way for this channel as well. So stay tuned everyone! Read more about this channel

Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide on how to use the m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel

Creating M3U playlists using this process also works well with other IPTV Apps on Android Phones, Tablets and TV Boxes. Just be sure to use the app Perfect Player.

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