What if the New Roku 4 had a Secret Button that did THIS

What if the New Roku 4 Had a Secret Button

That linked directly to the hidden channels list

Hidden Roku Channels

Roku has a huge list of hidden, secret, private and adult channels that are not published in the Roku channels store.

Internet rumors are a funny thing, reading recent blog posts on the web about the new upcoming Roku 4, one of the things often mentioned is a reset button or power button on the front. We first wrote about this a while back in our wish list of what we would like to see on the Roku 4. You can read the article... here.
Adult Roku Channels

So we started thinking about a new feature that would be interesting to a lot of people. Roku has been one of the best streamers to date for watching adult content. Some of the best adult sites in the industry all have made channels especially for Roku. These channels are not allowed to be published as public channels. So they are required to live hidden, and in secret.

If you have browsed our extensive Roku channels list, we have included many private channels. We have also built a separate Adults Only Roku Channels List that some of our readers may enjoy.

Besides adult private channels, their are many other interesting private Roku channels. Put.io will allow you to securely download torrents behind a 3rd party encrypted cloud storage site and view these files on Roku. Or, channels like NoWhere TV which offers a ton of video podcasts and TV shows from major network channels.

Other private channels that have stirred up some buzz are, MyVideoBuzz which is a channel that must be side loaded using the Roku developer account. This channel gives you an alternative and even better way to watch YouTube than the official public Roku channel.

Channel Pear lets you hunt for IPTV sources and play them on your Roku. Then there are the controversial channels that charge for content that comes from questionable sources and let you watch it on your Roku.

So what if, the new Roku 4 had a secret button you could press that went directly to the Dark Roku channel store? This could be accessed simply by pressing on one the foot pads and rotating it 90 degrees. Or, it could be a button on your remote you would need to press seven times in a row. All of a sudden a new channels list would pop up on your TV screen with a caption that reads: "You Have Entered the Dark Roku Channels Store".

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