MyVideoBuzz Best Roku YouTube Channel

MyVideoBuzz Best Roku YouTube Channel 

Watch YouTube on Roku with MyVideoBuzz

YouTube is a great source of watching free content on Roku!

While there is an"Official Roku YouTube Channel" it will not work for everyone. MyVideoBuzz is a great private channel alternative to watch Roku YouTube content on Roku.

Problems With the Roku YouTube Channel

The official Roku YouTube Channel will not work on older Roku Players. You will need a more current version Roku to use the official YouTube Channel that is in the public channel store without issues.

Best Roku Youtube channel MyVideoBuzz

Unless you have a newer faster Roku, you may notice that the official YouTube channel sometimes runs sluggish. It will hardly work at all on older Roku models. The MyVideoBuzz channel is fast and many people like it a lot better. MyVideoBuzz also supports YouTube video subscriptions and playlists.

At one time, VideoBuzz was a private Roku channel that would play YouTube content on any Roku model. Due to complaints from Google, Roku shutdown this private VideoBuzz channel. Shortly thereafter the VideoBuzz channel developer UtmostSolutions came out with a way to side load the channel and called it MyVideoBuzz. The original developer stopped working on the channel and released the source code for other developers who wanted to continue working with the channel.

Protuhj stepped up and has been keeping up with further development on the MyVideoBuzz channel. He even added support for reddit. Of course, the channel still needs to be sideloaded  but the developer is keeping it up to date, and continuously adding additional new features. 

Sideloading is a way to add a channel only to your Roku device. Since the channel does not reside on Roku's server there really is no way for them to shut it down. Sideloading is  built into the Roku platform for channel developers who will side load a channel for testing purposes before they publish their channel. Only one channel can be sideloaded at a time.

MyVideoBuzz YouTube Channel Installation Instructions:

Step 1. Enable development mode by using your Roku remote control.

Press the buttons in the following sequence:
Home 3X, Up 2X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
If you are having trouble getting your Roku into developer mode, try to do this quickly without delays or pauses between the button presses.

Step 2. Once the Developer screen comes up, follow the instructions and agree to the terms. On some Roku models you may be asked to set a password for the web server. Choose a password and then restart your Roku.

When the Roku restarts it will be in development mode. You will then need to install MyVideoBuzz from the Development Application Installer. To access this you need to enter your device's IP address in a web browser. Its best to use either Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser from your home computer. Your IP address can be found by going to your Roku Settings then the About Menu. On older Roku Models your IP address can be found under Settings - Player Info.

Step 3. Get the VideoBuzz Zip file.  Click here to Download MyVideoBuzz channel as a .zip file to your computer.

Step 4. Enter the following URL using your Roku's IP address in your browser: http://YourRokuPlayer-IP-Address (for example,

Locate the downloaded file MyVideoBuzz_v2… by using the Browse button in your Development Application Installer. Once you have found it, upload it to your Roku by clicking on the Install button.

Important: The MyVideoBuzz file must not be unzipped! You must upload and install it as a zip file to your Roku for it to work correctly.

myvideobuzz YouTube Roku channel

It will overwrite any sideloaded channels already on your Roku. Once the channel has been installed just go into the channel store on older Roku models and back out again. This will refresh your channels and MyVideoBuzz should there and visible. On newer models go to Settings and Check for Updates. Your channel will then be added and at the end of your channels list.

Finally enter the channel and add your YouTube login information. All your YouTube video playlists and subscriptions will be there for you to watch on your Roku. Now check out these Top Subscribed YouTube Channels to watch some great content on your Roku.

If you ever want to remove the MyVideoBuzz Channel or exit Developer Mode, Click here

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