Roku 4 - Could be the Best Roku Media Streamer Ever!

Roku 4 - Could be the Best Roku Media Streamer Ever!

While we are still waiting patiently for the Roku 4, here is our wish list…

The Roku 3 really turned quite a few heads in the media streaming community when it was first introduced. A Roku 4 will need more than a pretty new case and some faster hardware under the hood to up the ante. Here are some features and fixes we wish Roku would include to make the Roku 4 better than ever.

Roku 4 Wish List

Roku 4 WiFi Performance Enhancement

Roku needs to implement the latest wireless technology. 802.11AC is currently the fastest wireless standard for WiFi Routers.  Roku needs to support this in their new Roku 4. While they are at it, why not add an external antenna port for an optional WiFi antenna to overcome distance and barrier limitations that can often cause glitches and loss of performance. 

Even better, have the new Roku 4 support Quantenna Communications new “10G Wi-Fi.” They are boasting transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps with much further range than today's fastest WiFi standards and should be available next year.

Running an Ethernet wire is not always possible. If Roku improves their WiFi specs, it will most certainly help increase customer satisfaction with their flagship product.

Fix the Blue Screen HDCP Issue

This seems to be a common complaint with the Roku 3. One that is easily solved by making sure your HDMI cable is HDCP compliant. With the amount of issues people have had, why not just include an HDCP cable with the Roku 4? HDMI Cables don't cost that much and this would help eliminate another source of customer frustration and greatly improve Roku customer satisfaction. 

Enhance the Roku Channel Store

Roku could make a few minor changes to it's already awesome channel store. Give the Roku 4 voice search that unlike the Amazon Fire TV will work across multiple streaming service providers. Especially Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Allow turning off channels by category when browsing the Roku channel store. We all love the fact that Roku has over two thousand channels. We would love it even more if we could choose just the categories we wanted to see. Roku needs to customize the channel viewing experience by turning off segments of channels so we don't need to slosh through their entire channel list when browsing for new Roku channels. Or better yet, maybe implement viewer preference based browsing the way Netflix does with their movie database. These could be based on past channel installs. 

Roku 4 Front Panel Reset Button

One feature we would really love to see is a small reset button on the front panel of the Roku 4. Having to pull out the cord to reset your Roku seems kind of low tech for a modern high tech media streamer. It does not need to be a big red button, just make it easy to access. It would be fine even if it required a pen or paperclip to reset your Roku. This way little fingers won't accidentally reset your Roku during your favorite episode of House of Cards.

Which Features Would You Like to See on a New Roku 4?

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