7 Reasons Stop Streaming Stick to Cable TV

7 Reasons You Should Stop Streaming and Stick With Cable TV

While many people are continuing to cut the cord, a cable TV package may still be the best option for some and here's why:

1. You are incredibly rich and saving money every month means absolutely nothing to you. Some of your less fortunate friends have cut the cord. You see no need for such silliness. Never mind they are happy watching tons of great commercial free content. You have an expensive Tivo subscription and will continue to smugly fast forward through the commercials.

2. You would much rather channel surf aimlessly through a 100 worthless channels. Streaming often requires a little extra work to find the best content. Work is something you really have no interest in, so you would really be much better off just sticking with cable TV.

3. You have access to your parents cable account login and password. Now you can actually watch many of the same cable channels on your Roku once you link to them with your cable TV, satellite provider, or mobile network account. This is actually a pretty sweet deal. You can also save extra money each month by not needing to pay for expensive cable box rentals for each additional TV. Learn more about which Roku Cable Channels you can link to and watch with your account.

4. You already have your phone and internet bundled with your cable TV provider. They are willing to include their television package for an extra $20 a month. They are also willing to give you a free Cable Box/DVR. This may actually make sense, just make sure to get the deal they are willing to give you in writing. These offers generally have a time limit and after it expires, get ready to look elsewhere. The price jump will be rather significant and you will most likely be thinking seriously about cutting the cord again. Here are some more money saving tips you can use when dealing with your cable or satellite providers when it comes time to renew.

5. You are a sports fanatic and could never do without watching all the different sports networks available on satellite or cable. This is actually still one of cable and satellite's best strong point. You can still save yourself some money on extra cable or satellite box rentals. Buy a Roku for each additional TV and use your cable or satellite account to log in and link up the Roku ESPN cable channel to watch Sports on them for no extra monthly rental fee.

6. You are seriously addicted to Free TV. No matter how much you try, you keep finding yourself on illegal streaming sites browsing for the latest copies of newly released popular movies. Never mind it was shot by somebody wearing a rain coat holding a shaky video camera in a movie theater and the quality is poor. Or, the person sitting in front has their arms show up in the screen while they stretch multiple times during the movie. Selling your streamer and going back to cable is really the only way to rid yourself of this nasty temptation. Besides, one more cease and desist letter from your ISP and your internet connection is toast. This will seriously impact your Facebook addiction and this is one you can't live without.

7. Your wife has threatened you with divorce if you keep watching those filthy Roku Porn channels. No matter how much you try to hide them from her, even going as far as adding only the discreet adult Roku channels. Somehow, she always seems to find them. Since there are hardly any adult content channels on cable and none that are free, this will no longer be an issue for you.

If you decide you can live without cable TV, then you are in luck. Here at mkvXstream.com we have devoted much of our site to offering you the very best that streaming television has to offer.

If you own a Roku, then please be sure to browse our huge  A-Z listing of both Public and "Private Roku Channels." Many of these channels are not in the Roku channel store and cover a very wide range of content. The large majority of channels on Roku are even 100% free.

If you decide to stick with cable don't feel bad, you are not alone. Streaming while popular for those who want to save money or want access to great commercial free content is still a growing industry. Like fine wine, streaming media will continue to get better with time.

While streaming television may never replace Cable TV or satellite, the VHS industry may have thought exactly the same thing at some point...

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