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Our Free huge lists of Roku and Streaming Internet TV channels are an exciting new way to watch TV!

View our extensive, frequently updated 2014 lists of:

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  • Many channels and sites to watch Free Legal TV on your Roku, SmartTV, PC, Tablet & Smart Phone or other Media Streaming devices.

    Tired of cable and satellite bills going up month after month? Now is a great time to cut your Cable TV bill by using a media streamer. Streaming media services like NetflixHuluAmazon or Vudu provide unlimited selections of Movies and complete TV series that are commercial free for a low monthly fee. Read more to compare »

    Can't Get High Speed Internet for Streaming?

    Compare the Dish Network Hopper vs DirecTV Genie - Read more

    Watch & Record Commercial Free HD TV
    As a cable subscriber are you tired of all the commercials you need to sit through watching an hour episode of your favorite show? It's bad enough they charge an outrageous monthly bill for all those channels nobody ever watches. No monthly fee and commercial free, two reasons many cable cutters are building their own HTPC streaming media DVR.

    Before you buy your next HTPC, take a look at the Mac Mini and HD HomeRun Network QAM tuner. Together, they provide an excellent combination to record over the air HD TV from an HD Antenna or clear unencrypted HD CATV. By adding the excellent Mac EyeTV software, you have everything needed for a commercial free HD DVR. Windows Media Center software will also great to record and time shift your favorite HD TV shows on a PC with HD Homerun. Learn more »
    Get HDHomeRun Roku Channel »

    Watch Nightly News on Roku
    We recently added Nightly News to our mkvXstream Roku channel. Each evening, as soon as free podcast episodes are released we update our channel. Release times may vary.

    Also, catch up on the hottest Travel Destinations, Tech News and much more. We are also excited to announce Active Lifestyles Magazine as a new content provider to our Roku channel. This show is produced by Orange TV and offers helpful tips to seniors, family members and caregivers of seniors. Learn more and Add our Roku channel to your Roku »
    Catch up on many more Roku News, Weather and Sports Channels - View Roku Channel List »

    Watch Live Network TV Channels on Roku
    Ever wish you could stream some of your favorite cable channels on Roku live? USTVNow gives you many of the same cable channels at a much lower cost. They even offer a free 45 day trial. Watch some of your favorite channels including network channels like PBS, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and more. These channels can be watched on Roku, Smart Phones, Computers, and Tablets.
    Click here for full details on how to get USTVNow today.

    Watch YouTube Videos on Roku
    There is now an "Official" YouTube channel. While this channel is only for the Roku 3 and will not work on all Roku models yet, more models will be supported in early 2014. For now here is an easy way to watch YouTube videos on Roku. Install the Roku Facebook Channel and share any YouTube video to your Facebook wall. You will then be able to watch it on TV from the Facebook channel on your Roku. This also works to view videos and photos from your Friends Pages or the FB News Feed. To Add Facebook Roku Channel - Click here »
    Or, click here for more ways to watch YouTube on Roku!

    Over Five Million Roku Streamers Sold
    In the five years since the first Roku player was sold they have sold 5 million Roku Players. A trend that clearly shows more people than ever are turning to internet streamers to either supplement their television viewing or completely cutting cable television all together. If you have not yet checked out Roku, be sure to browse our Free huge Roku Channel List to see what you are missing.

    Watch Free TV on mkvXstream
    Roku 3 Most Powerful Yet
    Roku 3 is the best Roku streamer to date. While Roku always made great media streamers, the Roku 3 is the best of the best. They improved the speed and made it much more responsive and even added a few new useful features to their new top of the line model. Read more about the new Roku 3 »

    Roku Surpassed 1000 Channels With More on the Way Soon
    Roku announced several new partnerships recently including a deal with Time Warner Cable that will bring an incredible 300 live channels to the Roku platform. This next quarter they are launching a series of new channels from Blockbuster On Demand, FOX NOW, PBS, PBS KIDS, iHeartRadio and Big Fish Unlimited. These will add even more great video, music and casual games to the growing list of over 1000 Roku channels. Once these new Roku channels go live, we will update and add them to our Roku channel list.

    Watch Free Local TV
    As great as online streaming is, it is still not a replacement for live local TV. It's best to take advantage of Free over the air Network HD channels with an HD antenna placed in an attic or on a roof. A small media center HTPC and network QAM Tuner like the HD HomeRun makes a great free DVR and eliminates another source of increasing monthly fees.

    Free Movies Online
    Feel like watching a good movie? Here are a few places where you can still legally stream and watch free movies to your favorite media device. Please click here to watch Free Movies Online »

    Watch Hulu FREE!
    Watch Hulu free!
    Hulu and Hulu PLUS are both great streaming services for cable cutters. Hulu offers excellent content for a low monthly fee. By subscribing to a low cost streaming service it will offer you lots of additional content to help you cut cable costs. If you would like to check out Hulu and stream some great TV shows and movies, don't miss the Hulu Channel listed on our Internet TV Channels List »

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    Media Streamer Quiz - Which is Best for You?
    Still feeling a little unsure about media streaming and need some help deciding which device would be the best choice? There are quite a few options available. While each has pluses and minuses, sorting them all out can be confusing and often intimidating for beginners. By taking our quick quiz, it will help point you in the right direction if a Home Theater PC, Media Streamer or Media Player is the best overall solution for your needs.
    Read more to find the perfect media device

    Another Price Bump for Cable and Satellite TV Customers
    Earlier this year, Cable prices once again bumped up higher. With increased network programing costs being passed on to consumers. The average Cable TV bill is predicted to reach $150 in the next year or two. Now is a great time to reevaluate your monthly bill and try lock in the best possible price you can. We realize that some people are not quite ready to part with cable TV yet, so we will share with you our secret tips to lower your monthly cable or satellite bill and put extra cash in your pocket... Read more »

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