10 Roku Channels Not Yet Built

10 Roku Channels Not Yet Built

With over 3000 Roku channels, here are a few more ideas for channels that have not yet been built.

Roku is one of the most successful streaming companies ever made. This is because they made it easy for anyone to use their free developer software and create a channel for their platform.

While there are an overwhelming number of both public and private Roku channels available, here are 10 ideas for new Roku channels that still have not been done. 
As far as we know :<)

1. Drone Channel:  A Roku channel devoted entirely to radio controlled helicopters, planes and unmanned drones. Aerial videos, build tips and more.

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2. The Outdoor Motorsports Channels: News, Reviews and Model Specs on Motorcycles, Jet Skis, UAVs, and Snowmobiles. All the major manufacturers could contribute content to promote their gear. 

3. World Zoo Channel: A channel featuring live animal cams from Zoos all over the world. Featuring a collection of promo videos for tourists and local visitors.

4. Emergency Alert Channel: Whenever there is a significant national or local disaster, agencies will post info to this 24/7 channel. Locate missing loved ones. Provide public info on where to get help in an emergency. 

5. Political Debate Channel: With the next big election coming up,  voters can watch live or past debates on demand. Helping voters stay informed to make it easier to vote for a candidate that represents their personal values.

6. Virtual Headstone: A channel where you can search for your dearly departed,  see and share a photo, video and life obituary 24/7 on a virtual headstone. 

7. Nagging Mom,  Father, Wife, or Husband Channel: This channel features a nagging male or female voice telling you to clean your room, take out the trash, or get a job.  Great for homesick kids that recently left the nest.

8. Last Chance Pet Rescue: Unwanted pets at risk of being put down can have pictures and bios placed for adoption. Channel features public awareness videos on the importance of spaying and neutering your pets along with tips for their care and safety.

9. Roku Dating Channel: Singles share your personal bios to be seen by a world wide audience of Roku owners. Organized by City, State or Country. True love may be a remote click away.

10. Streaming Club: A place where streamers can interact and chat with each other in a group format in real time. Post messages using only your Roku. 
Much like our awesome Facebook Roku Rocks group.

You probably won't find these channels any time soon,  although this list may spark a few ideas. In the meantime, check out our huge list of amazing A-Z  Roku channels you can install that are available today!

Have an idea for a great Roku channel? Why not comment and share it with us on Roku Rocks.

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