Sideclick Better Remote for Streamers

Sideclick a Better Remote for Streamers

Put away your TV Remote Control - with Sideclick you won't need it!

We came across an article on Variety by one of our favorite tech writers, Janko Roettgers where he was talking about a handy new remote control attachment that would make all other TV remotes obsolete.

While television remotes are both a joy to use, they also litter the coffee table or nightstand with extra remote control clutter. TV manufactures often try to fit too many tiny buttons in a small footprint. Some of these buttons are used when your first setup and program your TV and then are hardly ever used again.

The good people at Sideclick thankfully have come up with a better solution. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that features a new way of controlling your television right from your favorite streaming device remote control. For us that would be our Roku remote.

Rather than just replace the remote with another, Sideclick actually attaches and cradles your existing remote control. It features a very simple button layout that makes it both intuitive to use and brilliantly functional.

"Sideclick is available in Black or Silver and compatible with the following streaming devices. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Nexus Player, and Apple TV."

We love the simple button layout that goes nicely with many of today's popular media streamer remotes. The buttons are sized nicely and should be easy to find.

It has just the basic controls that we use on our television remote 99% of the time.

  • TV Power
  • Volume UP, Down
  • Channel +, -
  • Source/Input
  • And they even included two programmable bonus buttons. These can be used to turn on your surround sound receiver or powered speakers or any other TV remote control function.

While a Sideclick won't completely replace your existing television remote. You can put it away in a safe place and dig it out only when you need some of it's more advanced TV functions.

Programming the Sideclick is Easy

If you ever programmed other universal remotes that make you choose from and then enter countless codes, or press a button repeatedly until your get finger gets cramps.

Programing the Sideclick infrared remote control is super easy. 

It basically amounts to pointing the Sideclick at your old remote, entering learn mode and pressing a couple of buttons.

You are cloning the button functions from your original remote onto the Sideclick and giving them the same functions.  This will work with any television that comes with an infrared remote control. Fortunately that is just about every TV ever made.

Get Your Own Sideclick

From the number of pledges on Kickstart, it's obvious a lot of people think having a Sideclick is a great idea.

If you would like to get in on the buzz, or simply learn more about this cool new gadget. Please visit the Sideclick Kickstart page and "Streamline Your Streaming Experience"

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