Best Android Apps for Free Movie Streaming

Best Android Apps for Free Movie Streaming

Our mkvXstream Android Advisor, Steven Jimmy Docherty shared with us his best Android apps. These apps will turn your mild mannered Android Media Streamer, Phone or Tablet into a high octane, file shredding, media streaming monster.

The list of low cost powerful Android media streamers hitting the market this last year from companies like Gbox, Minix, Ugoos, The Little Black Box and others has been growing rapidly. These new faster high performance Android streamers along with XBMC plus a few choice apps makes it easy to access and watch unlimited TV shows and Movies. Android media streaming boxes have been soaring in popularity and are quickly becoming a number one choice for many cable cutters and XBMC fans.

Android media streamers provide cable cutters with a low cost alternative. Since it's an open platform it is less restricted than media streamers currently available from Apple or Roku. The Android OS offers many great Apps and TV channels. Some of these boxes have crazy fast quad 4 hardware specs, along with the ability to run XBMC. All these features plus a web browser make Android streamers a popular choice for cable cutters and are often used as an alternative to a more expensive HTPC.

One of the first things you want to do with your Droid box is get a WiFi/Bluetooth mouse or keyboard a combo. Android remotes while cheerful are generically cheap. Although, once your box is configured you are pretty much set with just a mouse. If you do decide to use an external keyboard/touchpad, you will want to install the Null Keyboard App as it will stop the pop up onscreen keyboard from getting in the way when you are using your own external keyboard.

Here are some of the best Android apps you need to turn your Android box into a perfect media streaming machine.

APEX Launcher

Powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android™ 4.0+. Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your (Android 4.0+) device.

While most Android boxes come with a default or factory launcher of sorts, the first order of business is to download and install Apex Launcher. This launcher is one of the best and easiest way to navigate your apps on your Android box. It can be customized with many quick link shortcuts to your favorite apps and has multiple sliding screens. Apex is also free, their paid premium version is not really needed as it offers very little extra features. Download Apex Launcher from Google Play

All In One Toolbox

The best Android cleaner All-In-One Toolbox, equipped with more than 29 Android system tools, is designed to clean up various junk files, unclog storage, boost memory, protect your private data and keep your android device smooth and flexible. 
Comprehensive and powerful features make the All-In-One Toolbox the most reliable system tool app on Android device and actually, it is one of the best Android cleaner available in the market for free!

All In One Toolbox is one of those apps well worth having to keep on top of your system when it gets slow or sluggish and in time it will. This app makes it very simple to mass clear the cache, and also runs as a task manager. It will also runs a batch install and uninstall. The All In One Toolbox batch uninstall makes a swift job of clearing and deleting unwanted apps. It's is also great to recapture allocated memory from other recently used apps.

All In One can also help you boost your start up speed as many android apps try and start as you switch on, the more apps you have the slower it will run and longer it will take to boot. This app has actually deterred people from heading out and spending money for a new device or doing a factory reset. Considering this app like the others we are discussing does what it does all without root access this too is another pro for the All In One Toolbox. Get the All In One Tool Box App

We asked Steven about rooting an Android box

"On the subject of rooting your device it's not a must do, must have requirement. If you want to boost the speed of the device, all you have to do is keep it maintained and it will run much like it did from day one. I personally have had a variety of devices and only rooted one and have never felt a need to root another one since. However, you will want to enable third party apps and should take the time to explore online and see what's out there from third parties. You will find some great apps there especially for free movies and television shows."

Dropbox Online Cloud Storage App for Android

Dropbox is a cloud based online storage site that works very nicely with the Android platform. It's handy if you want to upload apps and files to your Android box. Or share a file with a friend. You can make the file public, send them a link to the file even without a Dropbox account they can download the file.  Files are secured with 256-bit AES 2 Step encryption. Free accounts are limited to 2GB of file space. Pro accounts cost $10 a month and give you 100GB of cloud storage.

If you have not yet done so, click here to create your own free Dropbox account. No credit card or personal info needed.

While Dropbox can be accessed through any web browser. Here is a Free Android App to make it easy to access your Dropbox files with just a click.

Dropbox also works well and is even integrated with some 3rd party Android Apps to make saving .apk and other files to your Dropbox account easy.

Best Commercial Streaming Apps for Android

Netflix Best Movie Streaming App for Android

Download and install the Android Netflix App here.
While Netflix is not free the monthly cost is less than a single movie ticket. It offers great service, a large catalog of shows and movies. While the shows may not be quite as current as Hulu Plus, they are all commercial free which makes Netflix a really good deal. Check out Netflix Roulette to watch something random and different on Netflix everyday.

Amazon Instant

Download and install the  Amazon Instant App here.
Amazon Instant is a great app to have on your Android device especially for Prime Members because it gives you access to a huge selection free shows and movies, songs and books on Amazon.

Hulu Plus

Download and install the  Hulu Plus Android App here.
Another app that offers many online streaming TV shows and movies. TV Shows on Hulu Plus are usually available to be watched the next day. Hulu Plus is the only commercial streaming service that makes you watch commercials.


Download and install the Android M-GO App here.
M-GO is another great app that is like have access to a video store online. Instead of a monthly fee, you only get charged when you rent a video. They have a large selection of content to choose from.

Find Your favorite Movie or TV Show! Can I Stream IT

Ever wish you could quickly find a TV show or movie without needing to access each streaming service and search their database? Now you can with this website. This website will tell you where to find Movies or TV shows and stream them online. If the title is not yet available, you can sign up for an email that will let you know when it is available to stream. Visit: Can I Stream It here.

XBMC Unleashed on Android

One of the best things going for the Android Platform is it runs XBMC perfectly. XBMC is something you won't find on either Roku or the current Apple TV model. Prior Apple TVs needed to be jailbroken to run XBMC.  The following XBMC apps and mods will turn your Android box into a fully capable cord cutting machine by offering many great channels for watching free TV online.

XBMC KewlTV 2 Week Demo for Android

KEWLTV XBMC Updater is an add-on app that ensures you have the latest working video and music channels for XBMC. Watch North American and choose from 13 different language add-ons of International videos and Live streaming TV on any
Android device running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up.
Cut the cord, watch TV with no restrictions.
Key Features:
- Custom built version of XBMC(ver. 12.3) will be installed
- Update notifications when addons have been modified.
- Extensive Help sections.
- One step Optimization of the XBMC application.
- One step rebuild process.
- Root privileges NOT required.
- Automatic update notification.
- 13 International languages currently available.
- Suitable for AMLogic, Allwinner and Rockchip processors.
- NO Annoying popup ads.

Visit KewlTV

This app will load up a new version of XBMC with some great add-ons to watch Free TV. Watch video below for more information on how to install:

Part 1 Register KewlTV App:

Part 2 Install KewlTV App:

MX Player

MX Player is one of the most popular video players for Android. Use it to play your favorite video streams. MX Player supports multi-core decoding. This will speed up dual-core device’s performance and test results show 70% better performance than single-core devices.

Offers great features like Hardware Acceleration for max performance. Kids Lock to keep your kids safe and only watching their content. Subtitle support and more.

Get MX Player from the Google Play Store Click here to download MX Player


Mobdro is another great lean and clean Android app that searches the web for free streams of your favorite TV shows. Use it to discover great streams, set them up as your favorites and even tell your friends what you're watching with just a click. Watch streams on your TV with Miracast, and even download and enjoy them wherever you want.

The interface is simple, intuitive, and convenient. It’s all about the user watching experience and gets out of the way when you're watching. When you'r reorganizing your channels it will swiftly guide you. It’s a better way of watching TV and it streams podcasts as well.

Get the Awesome Android Quad Core Matricom G-Box Q!

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