Unleashing Your Full Netflix Potential

Unleashing Your Full Netflix Potential

Taking Netflix to the next level

by Steven Jimmy Docherty

We all love Netflix but let's be honest. After a while it can be hard to find something to refresh your viewing pallet. Netflix recommends movies and programs based on what you've previously watched or rated, meaning we only ever see a limited portion of what Netflix has to offer from its fairly extensive library.

What can we do to fix this? Well, there are a few options. One I tried myself was to create another profile and use that when you fancy something different. It's a fairly simple method but even when doing this a few times you still feel you aren't getting the full potential of your streaming appetite and what Netflix has to offer. The good news is that you're not alone with these thoughts and fortunately some developers have also felt the same way and made a move one it.

Netflix Instant Watch Browser Roku Channel

One option for Roku viewers is the "Instant Watch Browser For Netflix". This is a great accompaniment for Netflix on your Roku and is available in the Roku Channel store. It comes in a free lite version and, for a small one-time fee, you get the full version. Memory eludes me on the difference between the both, but after having the lite version I know the full version is a must have. One thing you spot instantly with this channel is that it lists all Netflix new arrivals for TV shows and movies. It also gives you a list of coming soon, New arrivals, and soon-to-expire TV shows and movies. Additionally, there is the option to search by genre and sub-genre and making a selection from the channel to view will launch it on the Netflix channel.

Netflix Roulette

Click here to visit Netflix Roulette
Get The Android App from Google Play
Now if that seems a little too much work for you, you can go for Netflix Roulette and it pretty much does what it says. They have a web page and app for Android but nothing on iTunes as of yet. You can influence the result by adding filters, such as Director, Actor or a keyword and choose a rating to pick from for TV, Movie, or both.

This leads me on to another pretty cool Netflix feature not many are aware of. Launching a feature from Netflix Roulette on your Android will have it play on the app on your device, but from there you can select which connected device to play it on, such as PS3, Xbox 360, Smart TV's, your Roku, and pretty much anything you have Netflix on. So this means if you have Netflix on your iPhone or Android you can effectively use it as a remote control for your streaming player and the same can be done with other apps/channels, such as YouTube. If you wanted to know what other apps did this you would have to look for a full list.

Well, this concludes what I have picked up on streaming with Netflix and apps/channels to make your and my viewing more enjoyable. I hope you find something there to help make your Netflix perform like a pro.


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