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Watch XBMC Live TV - Anywhere

Media Center XBMC Live TV DVR

One thing many cable cutters miss is the ability to watch and record live TV. While TiVo along with Cable and Satellite company DVR's are both useful and popular, your plug and play choices become somewhat limited once you cut the cord.

XBMC ever since Version 12 (Frodo) has added the option to record and watch live TV. While you can still get a The TiVo Roamio base model that will still record from an HD antenna, some cable cutters may find TiVo's $15 a month guide fee a little too expensive.

Equipment Needed for XBMC to Record and Play Live TV

An HD QAM tuner is required before you can record or watch live TV. While there are many options, and depending on which device you use to run XBMC will determine if you need an Internal Video Capture Card or External QAM Tuner.

Record XBMC Live TV     Record XBMC Live TV

Setting up XBMC as a DVR can be a little technically challenging. Additionally the program guide is pretty basic and limited so an annual $25 fee for the excellent Schedules Direct Guide is something that will also be required unless you plan on just recording by time and date.

In order to schedule and time shift live TV, XBMC requires the use of additional PVR client software. This software can run on the same computer or HTPC which runs XBMC, or can run on a separate computer and only turn on an XBMC enabled device like a Jailbroken Generation 2 Apple TV or G-Box Midnight MX2 as needed.

Here are a few of the most popular XBMC software clients with links to installation instructions:

MythTV Linux

Tvheadend Linux

MediaPortal Windows

NextPVR Windows

To get XBMC configured to work as a DVR we recommend this excellent step by step guide from: Life Hacker.

While getting XBMC is not as easy as using a TiVo, if your up for the challenge of getting everything set up and running it can be very rewarding financially.

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