Use Full Screen Mirroring On Apple TV When AirPlay Won't Work

How to Use Full Screen Mirroring On Apple TV When AirPlay Won't Work

Play videos from the Internet on your phone to your TV with Screen Mirroring

Full Screen Mirroring On Apple TV

Full-screen mirroring is another easy way to watch content streaming on an iPhone or iPad when AirPlay won't play certain videos from the Internet. On some streaming sites, you may find that when you click AirPlay to watch a movie or other videos on your television but only a blank screen is shown which makes AirPlay useless.

Screen mirroring from your phone or tablet is another option to play content on your TV instead of your phone. The biggest difference between mirroring and AirPlay is when you mirror you lose access to doing anything else on your phone or tablet while the video is playing. Mirroring is an exact mirror screen image cast on your TV.

AirPlay lets you surf the Web and use your phone while a video plays. We'll show you how to turn on mirroring on your Apple TV and how to make the image full screen instead of a phone image that only fills a small portion of your television screen.

Screen Mirroring from iPhone to Apple TV

Screen Mirroring Apple TV

Screen mirroring gives us another way to watch videos and photos, or listen to music on our TV. To enable screen mirroring on your TV from your iPhone or iPad follow these simple steps. Mirroring also works on Roku, using these instructions.

1. Find a website that you want to play movies or shows from. If you tried to use AirPlay and are only seeing a blank screen with no video or audio proceed to the next step.

2. Begin playing the video or music on your phone, or tablet. Then open the iOS control center which is accessed by swiping down with one finger or your thumb from the upper right hand of your screen straight down. For an easier way to access screen mirroring, which is helpful especially if you find yourself using it a lot, watch this video. 

3. Tap on the mirroring icon which is the two screen monitors under the Bluetooth icon.

4. Choose the Apple TV attached to the TV that you want to watch.

5. The video and sound should begin playing on your TV. If it's not in full screen, skip down to the next section.

Screen Mirroring in Full Screen

One thing you may notice if tapping the mirroring icon from Apple Control Center on your phone is the image looks like an iPhone with large black sidebars on either side. This is an unacceptable way to watch videos on your TV. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

When watching a video on your phone or tablet, before you tap on mirroring, in the video control panel enter full screen. Once the video is playing full screen on your phone, then open Control Center, and tap on mirroring to play the video on your television in full screen.

Screen Mirroring on Apple TV gives us an easy way to play movies from your favorite online streaming sites, or XXX movies from popular adult streaming sites like these. It's a great feature that makes the Apple TV streamer a popular choice for watching more free TV.

Apple TV Virtual Remote Control

Another feature you may not have yet used is the Remote Control function available on the Control Center screen. It's also highlighted in red in the photo above and it will let you control your Apple TV.

Simply tap the Remote icon to control your Apple TV. This is a nice feature if your main Apple TV remote batteries need charging, or you can't find the remote.

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