Paramount+ is 50% OFF Plus You'll Get a Free Fire TV Stick

Paramount+ is 50% OFF Plus You'll Get a Free Fire TV Stick!

Save 50% on Paramount Plus Right Now And They'll Throw in a Free Fire TV Stick To Sweeten the Deal!


Paramount+ is running a 50% Off Sale on its popular streaming TV service. If you pay upfront for an annual subscription, not only can you save 50% off on the regular cost, but they will also send you an Amazon Fire TV Stick to make it an even better bargain.

As a Record Number of Subscribers are Canceling Subscriptions The Streaming TV Bargains Keep on Coming

Streaming TV companies just like most consumers are reeling from the effects of record inflation. Here is an analogy for what is happening right now in the U.S. and countries around the world.

Picture your savings and monthly budget as a hot air balloon that is sinking fast. And as everything is costing more due to inflation, tossing as many non-essential monthly bills overboard is one thing you can try and do to stay afloat.

Unfortunately, the days of excess spending are in the rearview mirror. Now serious belt-tightening is in order, and one play many people are cutting back on is the number of streaming subscriptions they still pay for.

This has also affected the big streaming companies, who during the good times decided to cut ties with a less expensive all-in-one solution from Netflix and strike out on their own to try and make more money.

But this strategy may not be working out quite as well as they have planned. As we are now seeing some rather significant discounts being offered. HBO Max is running a special promotion that's 40% off an annual subscription price.

Now CBS is offering an even better deal that is 50% off an annual subscription which also includes a free Fire TV Streaming Stick.

Fire TV Offers More Free Entertainment Options Than Other Media Streamers

This current promotion may be just what cord-cutters need to save even more on their television entertainment budget. Unlike Roku, or Apple TV installing Kodi or other Android apps on a Fire Stick is no problem. Which now gives streamers access to a long list of even more free TV shows, and movies that can be streamed online.

Here's How to Get The One Year Paramount+ Special Discount and Free Fire TV Stick

  • Purchase a Paramount+ Annual Subscription for $24.99. The regular price for a Paramount+ subscription is $49.99/year.
  • The 50% Off Paramount+ Deal with a Free Fire TV Stick is only available until Nov. 3, 2022. Click Here to Get This Deal!
  • The included Fire TV Stick is the Lite model and will only stream up to 1080P. The normal retail cost is $29.99. So even if you don't need this model, you can gift it or even sell it to offset the price of the discounted annual Paramount+ subscription.

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