JAILBREAK ROKU? Do This Instead!

JAILBREAK ROKU? Nope Do This Instead

Roku Jailbreak

If you want to jailbreak Roku to unlock more Free content, as of right now, it's not going to happen. Because no matter what someone may try to tell you, currently there really is no way to unlock or jailbreak a Roku to make it do something it was not designed to do. But there are some other alternatives that are just as good.

Roku Already Has Everything You Need to Enjoy Content Without Needing a Jailbreak

No, we are not talking about the thousands of channels available on Roku which are pretty awesome. But if you wanted to watch content that wasn't on Roku but is available to stream from a browser, like these 200+ Internet Streaming sites.

Roku already gives you everything you need to watch this type of content. Provided videos are encoded in a Roku-friendly format like mp4, mkv, or m4v. Since there is also no web browser on Roku, there are several methods to stream and watch content from the Internet on your Roku TV or media player.

Apple AirPlay and Android Mirroring

Roku supports both Apple AirPlay and Android Mirroring, which will let you watch something from your phone or PC as on your TV using your Roku. As long as your other device supports AirPlay.

Android mirroring is different than AirPlay. Mirroring is where you see the entire screen on your TV using a Roku. AirPlay casting is different as it will cast just the video you are watching right to your TV using your Roku. If your TV already supports AirPlay or Mirroring, which many now do. You won't even need to use a Roku. Because you can then cast or mirror video content directly to your television.

Here's a guide that will walk you through the steps needed to cast or mirror content to your Roku.

PlayOn TV App Lets You Watch Downloaded Content on Roku

Using the PlayOn TV app is another great option to view downloaded video content, photos, and music on Roku.

With the PlayOn app https://www.playon.tv/ you can use it to download content from premium channels you may subscribe to like HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and more including several free ones like Pluto TV. The app will then play back your downloads on a Roku from a PC. But if you want to use it for other downloaded content stored on your drives the PlayOn desktop app will do this also. This means anything you have downloaded.

Even though PlayOn is an app on Roku it still uses Roku's media player to stream content. So you won't need to deal with any "casting" nor insert a USB stick to transfer content to the Roku Media Player channel. It lets you watch content right from your PC's hard drives and watch it on Roku. It works great, but they don't offer an app for Mac.

Also See: How to Safely Remove a USB Stick from a Roku Device 
The PlayOn Cloud works nicely with an iPhone or Mac computer to do the same thing. DVR recordings can be streamed directly from the cloud or downloaded to an iPhone or Mac PC using their website. 

So while a Roku Jailbreak doesn't exist, and sideloading a bunch of private channels is no longer an option, there are other methods available to achieve the same results. This means you are not locked into only watching content from The Roku Channel Store.

And won't need to risk turning your favorite Roku media player or Roku TV into a doorstop, when a jailbreak goes bad. 

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